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Kendal coaches highly driven business owners and leaders each year. As an in-demand coach, Kendal can only work with a limited number of coaching clients each year. Click the link below to get in touch with us to inquire about working with Kendal.

See What People Are Saying

  • “Kendal has deep knowledge of meeting facilitation and connecting a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to take the next step and build their businesses. When you’re alone, it can be difficult to see through the weeds, the glaring mistakes, and the obvious dead ends. With a coach like Kendal, you can get clarity in critical moments that will make or break your business. Building a business is a journey, full of challenges. Any entrepreneur would be lucky to team up with Kendal as their coach to overcome those challenges and find success.”

    Evan Jenkins

    Founder of Aspen Films

  • “The coaching program is amazing so far. I am able to seek the support and guidance in the decision making process for building our M30 brand. I have made new business relationships because of this course and excited to continue to learn and grow as a brand.”

    Savanna Dawn Sayese

    Founder of M30 Brand

  • “Kendal believed in me when no one else saw what he saw in myself. Having a military background with policing, I immediately listened to Kendal, and was guided and coached to create a professional product. I’m a normal dude with zero business skills. Kendal made it understandable and attainable.”


    John Langan Author/Soldier/Officer/Father

  • “Kendal has been very inspirational and provides real world coaching scenarios. He shares his experiences and learning lessons to ensure his coaching students receive the quality and foundation they need to start and grow their own businesses. In the short time I have been with his coaching program, I have overcome my fear of launching my business, networked and know that I have a great mentor I can turn to. Thank you Kendal!”

    Geneen Sparvier

    Founder of One Race Health

  • “Kendal is the foremost young Indigenous entrepreneur in Canada! Not only has he been building a strong business himself, but he is also so giving of time and advice to help raise up other entrepreneurs. He shares ideas, tools, resources and leading business practices with many aspiring young business people. I consider Kendal Netmaker a real treasure for Canada and Indigenous People!”

    Dawn Madahbee Leach

    GM at Waubetek Business Development Corporation

  • “Kendal mentors and inspires me! I have watched him spread his wings since the days he began pitch competitions for his business and continue to be inspired by his leadership, growing business acumen, and powerful impact in all he does. He is genuinely one of those “good guys “ who lives his values in all aspects of his life. I never hesitate to raise his name to anyone.”

    Leanne Bellegarde

    President at Akawe Technologies

  • “Kendal has been my mentor for only 6 weeks… I started at $0 to over $30k in sales. It is important to find someone who has already done what you want to do so you can avoid problems, & with his guidance I know he has already helped me avoid a lot of them. He helps me create a clear vision that I can focus on & I am excited for the future.”

    Tesler Mosquito

    Founder at Treaty 6ix Apparel

  • “I am glad I picked you as my coach! Your guidance helped me to get my business ideas off the ground and connect with the right people. You motivated me to think BIG and to pursue my dreams without hesitation!”

    Miranda Kennedy

    HR Expert and Travel Services

  • “Kendal can help you find your story, purpose and passion in life. I recommend his business coaching services to anyone looking to grow their brand and business especially in this digital environment.”

    Brendon Grant

    Managing Director at Bridging Finance Inc.

  • “Being coached by Kendal has helped me build a World-Class Brand that has streamlined to get to our goals so much faster!”

    Tyra Moses

    Founder of Dené Media

  • “Kendal helped me build my confidence, be smarter in business and guided me through major life changes.”

    Michela Carriere

    CEO of Aski Holistic Adventures

  • “Kendal helped me get my business off the ground… I am now a keynote speaker and best-selling author!”

    Kendra Weenie

    Speaker & Author

  • “I had a business dynamo like Kendal in my corner, reducing any self-doubts I had on any entrepreneurial decisions I may have had. I highly recommend Kendal as a speaker, entrepreneurial coach and as a high quality individual.“

    Corey Wesley, M.Sc.

    Personal Trainer/Strength Coach and Owner of Juice Monkeys

  • “The best of all was being able to have personal communication with Kendal himself. Anytime we had a question or required guidance he was extremely quick to respond and was very helpful. We highly recommend Kendal Netmaker”

    Kim & Scott Dolan

    Authentic Brave Apparel

  • Kendal inspired me to go for it, and showed me that with hard work, you can achieve anything. I recommend working with kendal to anyone just starting out in business or just needs a boost!”

    Devon Fiddler

  • “The support and insights I have received from Kendal allowed to connect with like minded people who are DRIVEN and dedicated to their overall betterment of personal and professional growth. My business now runs smoothly and successfully!”

    Michael Linklater

  • “I’ve followed Kendal Netmaker since Neechie Gear was just an idea. I met him when I was in the early stages of opening up my clothing store in high school. One of the most humblest and nicest human beings on this planet. I have learnt so much from him and still do to this day.”

    Nawid Shirzai

    Founder of Mudita Media

  • “Business has been amazing, and even with Kendal’s busy schedule, he still makes time to help me along the way.”

    Jay Corrigal

  • “We just finished our coaching with Kendal Netmaker and are so happy with the experience and for the awesome key-points he shared to help evolve our brand. He made a huge impact guiding us through our ideas and helped us better formulate a plan that will help us succeed faster! We believe that we are at a better position with our website and confident in the direction we are going. We are grateful for the time he takes out of his day to do personal one on one coaching and definitely recommend his services!”

    Joel & Mary

    Owners of The Owls Path Marketplace

  • “Without knowing it, Kendal Netmaker was one of the reasons I moved forward with speaking. Through the work he did, he proved to me that with hard work, a growth mindset, and always choosing to be driven, that age isn’t a barrier, and that we can do great things when we put the time and effort it.”

    Eric Termuende

    International Speaker & Author

  • “Kendal Netmaker is a force! Not one is he a smart, savvy businessman, but he is also an inspiring speaker and coach. Kendal has a vision for his business, his community and the world.”

    Andrea Menard

    Speaker, Actor, Singer

  • “Kendal is very knowledgable and approachable! His expertise assisted us to build our website and he also helped us to think about long term business growth. High recommend him! Thanks Kendal!”

    Stephanie & Paul

    Owners of 306 Sports Cards

  • “Since working with Kendal, I have been able to land more clients! He has helped me grow my year over year business and I am on track to have my best year yet! Thanks Kendal for all the help this past year and I look forward to see what the future holds!”

    Dane Sanderson

    CEO of Media Made Simple

  • “Kendal is clearly a knowledgeable, enthusiastic entrepreneur who seeks to inspire a lot of individuals. I’ve recently finished coaching/consulting from him and I am happy to recommend him and his services to anyone, or any industry. If you’re looking to advance yourself forward…. all I can say is I wish I had done it sooner!”

    Justin Scott

    President at Outline Construction Ltd.

  • “Kendal’s group coaching program has been an inspiring force behind my business’ unfolding success. It’s been comforting to receive individual business advice while having a supportive group to bounce ideas and challenges off of. I’ve also made a bunch of new connections in the group who are assisting in taking my business to the next level. It’s definitely worth the investment.”

    Dawn Deguire

    Owner of Truth Inside Wholistic Coaching & Healing

  • “Being a part of the Group Coaching was a blessing! Not only seeing other Indigenous Entrepreneurs but to hear their thoughts and giving back ideas to each other, was phenomenal. It gave me a new light of inspiration and more motivation. I think we need that in our lives, especially during this pandemic, to feel like we are not alone in each of our ventures. If we can believe it, we can see it.”

    Tiffany Carrier

    Founder of Newo Designs

  • “Hello, Kendal. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in my business venture. You have been incredibly helpful! There wasn’t a problem I had that you didn’t have a suggestion, solid connection, or solution for. With your help, I was able to narrow down my goals and create a game plan. I am very much looking forward to the results! Thank you, Kendal! “

    Asha Stumpf

    Divorce Consultant

  • “Kendal has been a nonstop resource with good ideas and steps by step instructions. Very down to earth , always shares success stories on how he went about his business and how his coaching clients have succeeded.I found the weekly calls always left me inspired and full of ideas that I could put into action.”

    Gabe Gardipy

    Founder of Indigenous Fitness

  • “Kendal’s coaching and mentorship was a really great opportunity for us to get solid advice and direction with our growing business. He provided professional insights to our e-commerce platform and tips on how to expand our profit and customer base. We are thankful to have connected with Kendal and create that lifelong relationship.”

    Casey & Dakota

    Founders of Decolonial Clothing Co.

  • “Working for the 6 weeks with group coaching was amazing! It was really great to meet so many like-minded entrepreneurs from across Canada. Kendal was such a generous coach supporting us all. The connections I made were priceless and the advice I got from Kendal and my peers was so helpful to my business! Such a great experience and I definitely recommend to other Indigenous entrepreneurs!”

    Deanne Hupfield

    Founder of How to Pow Wow Dance

  • “Working with Kendal helped me gain confidence, business skills and tools that I needed to launch our business House of Qwayaciiq successfully to where we have been able to leave an impressionable impact on our clients in a way that they feel connected to our culture that we express through art. During our session I was diagnosed with cancer, he helped me realize I can still accomplish my goals despite my challenges. He helped us to add value to our brand, grow our business, and gave us confidence in succeeding. I felt better prepared for launching our business and find myself eager to grow. Our launch has been a great success thanks to Kendal’s remarkable coaching skills, knowledge, and influence. I feel that every young entrepreneur needs to experience how valuable it is to have such a driven business coach.”

    Jazmine Charleson

    Co-founder of House of Qwayaciiq

  • As an Indigenous professional and aspiring entrepreneur, the Netmaker Academy and online community of like-minded professionals has been an incredibly unique resource for mentorship, resources, information, and support. This is everything I wish I had years ago, but is appropriate for multiple stages in any professional journey.”

    Allysha Wassegijig

    Indigenous Entrepreneur

  • “The support and coaching I received from Kendal provided clarity in my business that has evolved into launching a personal brand, using the power of story, and expanding business services. His guidance facilitated direction, focus, and realignment with a business concept that I am passionate about. I highly recommend Kendal as a coach to anyone who is on their entrepreneurial journey!”

    Grace Debassige

    Founder of Moonlight Counselling and Moonlight Coaching

  • “Over the past two months, I have had the privilege and honour of being mentored by Kendal Netmaker alongside other Indigenous Entrepreneurs. His coaching, motivational speeches and world class brand have helped improve my business concept and ideas. Kendal is living proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It has been a very rewardable experience and I would highly recommend Kendal Netmaker to any company or any individual who is driven to succeed!”

    Tyler French

    Founder of Celebration Event Facility Museum

  • “Working with Kendal Netmaker has been very beneficial to my professional life. Sometimes being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and challenging journey and having Kendal and his members has been a great support in building my business to a higher standard. I have more confidence with putting myself out there and very much have enjoyed bouncing my ideas off with the group. The guidance I have received is helping me to create something very beautiful for my community. Kendal goes the extra mile, he is an inspiration to me and I feel blessed to have the support I have received. I am very excited for the future.”

    Christina Kemp

    Owner of A Cottage & A Castle

  • “I was introduced into Netmaker Coaching through Futurepeneur Canada. I got started on a six week program and I was helped through every step of the process of starting my own business. My ‘one day’ dream is becoming a reality and I got help and support every step of the way. I’ve learned more about being a sole proprietor then I did in any class I’ve taken. There are people in the group that asked questions I’ve never would known to ask, I researched things I didn’t understand. The support from my peers is invaluable to me. Indigenous entrepreneurs need each other. 100%. There will be more experienced business owners in your group that will unknowingly teach you things. Their worries are your worries. Their lessons will be your lessons. There is more encouragement in this group then any class I’ve been to. Special Thank you to Kendal and futurepenuer Canada for putting this program together!”

    Angela Sanderson

    Founder of Indigenous Bridal Boutique

  • “Kendal’s coaching helped me to go from struggling as a new entrepreneur to truly focusing on my best talents so I could grow my business into a thriving brand!”

    Cherish Clarke

    Owner of Digital Engine Tech

  • “The Netmaker group coaching has helped me start working on my business and it motivated me week by week to do better.”

    Cole Sanderson

    Owner of Xilerate Indigenous

  • “Having Kendal coach me was an answered prayer. I am a true believer that when you are ready the right people will come into your life. Kendal has a deep understanding of both Spirituality and the Business world. The work I do has been built on a traditional grassroots foundation. My reputation has been built through word of mouth within the indigenous and arts community across Canada. Kendal challenged me to bring the worlds of spirituality and business together. The collision of these two worlds resulted in an incredible creative light! I am finally within reach of the entrepreneurial life I have always dreamed of!”

    Madeline McCallum

    Keynote Speaker & Trainer

  • “Being part of Kendal’s Coaching program has helped me develop my entrepreneurial mindset, turning ideas into action , removed the barriers to my entrepreneurial approach, And Improved my internal and external network building”

    Derek Greyeyes


  • “Coaching sessions with Kendal has helped me tremendously. I was stuck in a loop of “analysis paralysis”. But coaching with Kendal about my business and receiving professional advice helped me become clear on what direction and actions to take. I wish I coached with Kendal sooner!”

    Raven Whitehead

    Founder of We Are Turtle Island

  • “I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU for helping me level up my business model and transform Noctua Publishing into a business that better services my clients needs. Now I’m doing what I love more effectively than I ever could have imagined. Thanks Kendal!”

    John Paquin

    Founder of Noctua Publishing

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