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Growth Happens When Things Get Hard

What’s the turning point event that brought you here today?

For some of us, it’s struggle, for some of us, it’s overcoming an obstacle.

When these obstacles come into our life oftentimes they come to help you, to push you somewhere.

That wouldn’t happen unless an uncomfortable event happened in your life, unless a problem came into your life, an obstacle.

And when they come into your life, you have no choice but to act now.

These challenges, these problems happen for us. And when we look at life that way, we’ll oftentimes see that that’s where growth happens, when we’re uncomfortable.

We all know this. It’s when you’re uncomfortable, you’re on that last rep, you want to quit. This is where the true growth happens.

Same thing as individuals in our life journey, in our business journey.

When we’re uncomfortable, this is where growth happens.

We get taught things about ourself.

Life’s journey is riddled with obstacles—unyielding, demanding, and often relentless. It’s tempting to view these challenges as hindrances, roadblocks disrupting our pursuit of a comfortable existence. Yet, it’s precisely within these tumultuous moments that growth finds its fertile ground.

Consider the concept of muscle growth in the realm of physical fitness. When you subject your muscles to resistance and strain through weightlifting, microscopic tears occur in the muscle fibers. It’s in the process of healing from these tears that muscles grow stronger and more resilient. Similarly, our personal and professional lives undergo a parallel phenomenon when faced with adversity.

Adversity acts as the weightlifting for the soul. It tears through the fabric of our comfort zones, exposing vulnerabilities and pushing us to the brink of our capacities. It is in this crucible that we discover the true extent of our strength and resilience—qualities that remain dormant in the absence of challenge.

Think back to a time when you faced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Perhaps it was a career setback, a personal loss, or a health crisis. In those moments, the initial instinct might be to resist, to yearn for the simplicity of an easier path. However, it’s precisely during these trials that the seeds of growth are sown.

Adversity forces us to confront our limitations and reassess our approach to life. It challenges the status quo, pushing us to evolve and adapt. Just as a diamond is formed under immense pressure, the human spirit undergoes refinement in the crucible of difficulty.

Consider the story of successful entrepreneurs who weathered the storms of failure before achieving greatness.

They didn’t rise to prominence on a wave of uninterrupted success but rather emerged stronger, wiser, and more tenacious after navigating the treacherous terrain of setbacks.

Keep Going.

Keep Growing.

Keep Moving Forward.


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