See What People Are Saying

  • “Our team had the privilege of spending time with Kendal. It was an in-depth conversation on diversity and inclusion, without being academic or unrealistic. Kendal’s authenticity in sharing his gifts created a compelling shared experience, he left us with “today is not for nothing”, “forgiving on the fly”, and the possibility of being someone’s gateway. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Kendal, I look forward to continued conversations.”

    Rhonda Laing

    Western Economic Diversification Canada

  • “Kendal’s keynote presentation to our leadership group was inspirational and actionable. I personally took pages of notes that I refer to regularly – it was some of the most valuable time that I spent during our conference! I really appreciated Kendal’s openness and vulnerability while using his own examples of how leading with respect and humility will help you achieve whichever goals you have for yourself. Thank you Kendal for leading by example and for sharing that example with all of us.”

    Curt Reimer

    First West Credit Union

  • “Kendal was our keynote for our virtual Economic Partnership Summit. His message is so important for encouraging Indigenous entrepreneurship and inspiring youth. After our session we received many phone calls that our guests grew up in a similar situation as Kendal and they were very inspired and moved by his words. More people need to hear Kendal’s message whether that be to inspire them if they are in a similar situation or for others so that they have a greater understanding of the challenges faced by Indigenous people.”

    Serena Sjodin

    Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce

  • “Kendal’s presentation to Carlton Trail College was both informative and thought provoking! He tells his story as a way to inspire others to lead their best lives. Thank you Kendal!”

    Amy Yeager

    Carlton Trail College

  • “Municipalities of Saskatchewan featured Kendal as one of our keynotes for our 2021 Virtual Convention. The resiliency and adaptability that Kendal is known for was on full display, as although the format was much different than years past and undoubtedly different than what Kendal himself is used to, he was able to deliver a poignant keynote address to our members. In spite of being behind a screen, Kendal was as interactive and engaged as he would’ve been if he was in front of us in a room of 1000+ delegates. Our members heard his incredible story and took to heart his messages around strength and leadership.”

    Katee Galandy

    Events Coordinator, Municipalities of Saskatchewan

  • “It was wonderful to have Kendal as a remote guest speaker at our annual branch meeting. His personal stories of overcoming adversity were inspiring, especially during a global pandemic. Kendal was very accommodating and has a big heart. He provided constructive advice during the question period at the end of his presentation. Thanks, Kendal”

    Environmental Protection Branch

    Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

  • “We had the pleasure of working with Kendal at the Best of Calgary event we sponsored. His keynote was not only touching and motivating, but also funny and light hearted. He had the crowd experience a vast mix of emotions and kept them engaged at all times. After the keynote was over, you could hear the mumble in the crowd talking and reflecting on all the ways Kendal’s keynote touched their hearts and moved them. We had members of the audience ask for his contact info so that they could book him at their next event! Kendal is such a humble and well-rounded human being, it is always such a pleasure to interact with him. Thank you again, Kendal! We hope to be able to work with you again soon!”

    Martina Sarro

    Client Relations Specialist – TEC Canada

  • “What a pleasure to have Kendal bring the keynote address at our Tourism Workplace Leadership Conference. He is a riveting story teller with a powerful message that motivates and uplifts. His wisdom exceeds his years and he leaves you feeling inspired to be a better version of yourself.”

    Mary Taylor

    Ash CEO, Tourism Saskatchewan

  • “Your Team Building seminar and presentation was very inspirational to myself and our group, we brainstormed, we trusted and we created an outcome of how we would like to move forward in our workplace and in our personal lives, thanks to your innovative words and ideas…we thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour, we felt connected and appreciated; akosani, kinanaskomihtihn, we thank you”

    Dolly Cochrane

    Human Resource Manage – Fisher River Health Services

  • “Kendal is an incredibly inspirational speaker. We had asked him to speak at our townhall of over 100 professional staff. The staff loved him and the positive messages he communicated. Fun, heartwarming yet challenging messages on how everyone can overcome any challenges they face, be successful and make a positive impact on the world around them. I would highly recommend him for any speaking engagement.”

    Evan Shoforost

    Ernst & Young LLP

  • “We were fortunate to have Kendal Netmaker as a guest speaker at the College of Arts and Science 2018 Convocation Banquet and Awards Ceremony. The story he shared with our graduates about his journey from student to prominent businessperson was incredibly inspiring and Kendal’s heartfelt, personal message resonated with all present. His passion and confidence as a speaker was a great motivator to our students, as he provided them a great example of what they could achieve in their future careers as fellow alumni.”

    Dr. Peta Bonham

    Smith Dean and Professor, College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan

  • “Kendal is a brilliant speaker. He is dynamic, powerful and entertaining. He shares his business experiences and expertise through real life stories that are inspirational and motivational. Your audience will walk away with a new enthusiasm and with a to-do list of actions they can take immediately to achieve even greater success. With Kendal on your agenda, he is sure to be the highlight of your event!”

    Dawn Willoughby

    Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund

  • “Kendal is an engaging speaker with a fascinating Saskatchewan success story everyone should hear. By sharing his own personal challenges and successes, he delivers a powerful message that will leave you feeling inspired to be a better leader. He was the perfect keynote speaker at our all staff day that focused on fostering a high performing team. Thanks Kendal!”

    Linsay Rabyj

    Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport

  • “Kendal Netmaker is not only a dynamic speaker, he engaged with our staff. Kendal’s talk revealed how anyone can overcome adversity in life by discovering your own core values as a leader. We received nothing but numerous of positive comments regarding Kendal’s ability to connect with the audience for duration of his presentation. The overall survey of our team was a superior level of satisfaction. We would recommend Kendal Netmaker to any group. The FMB has received his book and I look forward to reading it!”

    Brian Titus

    CAFM COO, First Nations Financial Management Board

  • “Kendal gave a keynote at our annual town hall – an event with more than 200 public affairs staff from the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. The audience was visibly moved by Kendal’s story – he was genuine, authentic and positive. He brought personal insight into overcoming adversity and offered constructive advice that applies to nearly every context – even the military one! Kendal is a talented speaker and it was an absolute privilege to host him.”

    Kirsten Goodnough

    Director of Outreach and Speechwriting, Department of National Defence.

  • “It was wonderful to have Kendal at Laurentian University this year. Inspirational and a wonderful example of what one can achieve! We’re looking forward to having him back in the future!”

    Dr. Sheila Cote

    Meek Associate Vice-President, Academic & Indigenous Programs Laurentian University

  • “Kendal was recently the featured speaker at our Young Indigenous Business Conference in Parksville, BC. As the organizers of the conference, we found Kendal to be great to work with. The young business people and future business people at our conference thoroughly enjoyed Kendal’s presentation. They found it to be very inspiring and motivating. Kendall also offered a lot of great business tips and advice.
    Kendal Netmaker is a true role model to our indigenous youth.”

    Al Little

    General Manager at NEDC

  • “Kendal’s presentation not only reasonated with our members but also with the students we invited to our event to hear his story. His message about hard work, and the importance of paying your success forward is truly inspiring. You are a wonderful role model for our youth.”

    Shantel Lipp

    President of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

  • “I had the opportunity to hear Kendal share his story at the NSBA small business week luncheon and it definitely got me thinking about my own story. His ability to focus on the positives and give back to others despite the challenges he has had to overcome is truly inspiring. Thank you Kendal for sharing your story and showing everyone that no matter who you are, or where you come from success can be attained through gratitude, relationships and following your passion!”

    Wade Peckham

    Business Rental Sales Executive at Enterprise Holdings

  • “I first heard Kendal Netmaker speak in 2011 and was immediately impressed by the stage presence, confidence and message that this young man had. Over and above this poise and competency, upon hearing his story I soon realized that he’s had to come so much further than anyone else to get to this stage, and that’s when you start to realize just how special this young man is. Overcoming obstacles and challenges that most of us couldn’t even imagine, Kendal has climbed further than most and has emerged with charisma, class, gratitude and humility. I’ve heard him speak several times since that fateful day, only to be reminded of and awed by his natural talent each successive time. He’s a natural born leader who instills confidence within all those around him, and is an inspiration to all; particularly Indigenous youth.”

    Keith Moen

    Executive Director of the North Saskatoon Business Association

  • “Kendal Netmaker should be on the program at your next event! Kendal gave an outstanding presentation at our recent event – Banff Western Connection and was a huge hit with our delegates. His incredibly inspiring story and great delivery of practical real-world advice makes him top-notch speaker. My advice – hire him now while you can still afford him!”

    Bill Madder

    CEO at Association of Saskatchewan Realtors

  • “Kendal Netmaker was a spectacular presenter. He was able to craft a message suitable for a mixed audience of high school students and leaders from the business community. Kendal described his journey overcoming struggles and using those experiences to help him become the success he is today. Kendal’s message is truly inspiring for anyone who hears it and was well received by our audience. Kendal was personable, easy to work with, and willing to spend extra time speaking to the students and interacting with the business people. His high energy and enthusiasm were amazing. We would welcome Kendal back anytime.”

    Darren Hill

    President/CEO, JA Saskatchewan

  • “I’ve had the good fortune to see Kendal in action and bringing his message to diverse audiences. He’s charismatic, impactful and captures attention of people from all walks of life. This is someone you want to engage if you require a dynamic speaker.”

    Robert Campbell

    National Director of Aboriginal Services

  • “Kendal Netmaker has grown to become one of the leading entrepreneurs, speakers and business leaders in the Indigenous community across Canada. His incredible journey shines a light as a positive role model for Indigenous youth who aspire to become entrepreneurs and business leaders. His story is touching and is an inspiration for fellow Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities in the form of perseverance, leadership and business acumen”

    JP Gladu

    CEO – Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

  • “Kendal demonstrates what happens when you combine hard work, purpose and excellence to achieve stellar accomplishments in work, community and life. He is one of those change makers who will inspire you to be more, become more and do more”

    Kelly Lendsay

    President & CEO of Indigenous Works

  • “Because of your presence, we heard comments from the participants that they had discovered tools to move forward through internships, leadership, volunteering and to develop into entrepreneurs. They spoke about the opportunities available and that they too can achieve their goals.”

    Liz Barron

    Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

  • “Kendal is truly inspirational. He is a powerful role model, successful entrepreneur and talented speaker. His story, lessons in life and experiences in business leaves others motivated, confident and inspired for positive change!”

    Sarah McVanel

    Greatness Magnified

  • From humble beginnings, Kendal is now on a tremendous path of success, and he will continue to inspire countless individuals through his keynotes and recent book. If you are seeking a speaker, entrepreneurship or leadership, he is a must have!”

    Allan Kehler

    Out from the Shadows Consulting

  • “Driven is a great word to describe Kendal. I’ve seen him inspire tens of thousands, if not one hundreds of thousands of young people and I am sure he is on his way to inspiring millions! The world needs more Kendal. He is doing great things, and he will do much more with his relentless energy and vision”

    Sushee Perumal

    CEO of MaxSold

  • “Kendal is a remarkable individual who serves as a strong role model to not only our youth, but also to many others as his story, drive, strength and determination can provide inspiration to all of us”

    Richard Ahenakew

    General Manager of Northern Lights Casino

  • “Kendal is an amazing entrepreneur with a big heart to empower young people to accomplish great things in their lives and has done it himself, despite humble beginnings. If you want to take your business and your life to the next level, I highly recommend that you contact my friend Kendal. he will inspire you and your team to do more than you thought possible. You will be glad you did!”

    Dianne Reilly

    Leadership Coach at John Maxwell Team

  • “I would highly recommend Kendal for any speaking engagements that you may require. His story, passion and purpose to inspire others is palpable. Kendal is a true entrepreneur, a professional, a friend that inspires you to be the best version of yourself. If your organization needs some inspiration and guidance, get Kendal to speak to them. They will be forever changed!”

    Warren Barry

    CEO at Instinctive Solutions

  • “Kendal’s Inspirational story of defying odds to overcome enormous challenges will compel you to achieve more!”

    Paul Martin

    Co-founder at Martin Charlton Communications

  • “Kendal’s message of overcoming obstacles through sport, education and entrepreneurship are lessons for anyone. He is a great family man and a good friend. I saw his business in its early days and sat on the Chamber Board with him. I have enjoyed watching his Neechie Gear brand (and I am a customer!) get traction and have been delighted when I see the places he has impacted people with a message of positivity. I highly recommend him as a speaker and as an author!”

    Bruce Anderson

    President of B-Creative Group

  • “Kendal Netmaker is an engaging and inspiring speaker. His life journey would have given most people a reason to not succeed but Kendal has learned how to thrive in adversity. Kendal now shares these stories and personal successes to inspire others to chase after their dreams. No matter where you come from, Kendal’s stories will encourage you and challenge you to think of what is possible!”

    Evan Drisner

    General Manager at NuFab Building Products

  • “I have spent time with Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and a number of others. Kendal is the next one to rise amongst this group of leaders!”

    Brenda LaRose

    Leaders International

  • “Kendal’s inspiring story is an example of how one person can make a difference in the trajectory of someone’s life. I think about Kendal and how he used the power of storytelling to inspire us to be better leaders, role models, coaches, and cheerleaders. In our diversity and inclusion journey, it reinforces that we all play a role in creating a safe, welcoming, and positive space for everyone.”

    Michele D. Cameron

    Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Federated Co-operatives Limited

  • “Kendal Netmaker is a dynamic, engaging speaker whose passion and excitement for entrepreneurship are inspiring! On a personal level, he is friendly, open and genuine, and it was a pleasure to meet him and hear him share his story. Kendal was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Community Futures Saskatchewan conference, and we are thrilled that he calls Northwest Saskatchewan home.”

    Lesley Sterling

    Community Futures Development Corporation General Manager

  • “It was an honour to have Kendal as a part of our speaker series. He inspired students, faculty, and staff by authentically sharing his story over our online learning platform. He was engaging, relatable, and enthusiastic about living life no matter the obstacles. His willingness to engage in a question and answer period with viewers, increased his authenticity and truly reflected the values he addressed. Kendal was a pleasure to work with and listen to. We look forward to hearing from him again sometime in the near future.”

    Jasmine Light

    Regional Manager & Manager, Planning Services at Northern Lakes College

  • “Kendal is the real deal. His professional brand and his personal image are on and the same. With his laser focused principles and value of bettering those around him results in contagious desire to want to better yourself. The results of those he has helped are clear.”

    Corey Wesley

    Health Policy Analyst at Ontario Native Women’s Association

  • “Kendal is an outstanding leader and an even better person. When I was at Cameo we worked with Kendal to engage with many northern Saskatchewan schools so they could hear Kendal’s story, his passion and his positive message. Since that time, Kendal has only added to his skills and experience and is fast becoming a powerhouse in the entrepreneurial community”

    Sean Willy

    President & CEO at Des Nedhe Developments

  • “Kendal is one of my favourite motivational speakers to work with. He is easy-going an has come to feel like a close friend of mine. The students and school staff love him! Kendal is a very powerful speaker, always professional and his message is so relevant. When Kendal speaks, the room goes quiet, everyone is on the edge of their seats, listening to Kendal’s engaging story. His presentations are always captivating, humorous and full of personal life experiences and lessons learned.”

    Alexandria O’Toole

    Regional Coordinator at Circling Buffalo Inc.

  • “I would like to sincerely thank you for your contribution to the Canada Youth Summit at Carleton University. Your role as a speaker helped inspire youth towards discussions of some of the most important issues facing this country: employment and skills development; gender and inclusion; the environment; democratic participation; and health and wellness… Your story, your drive, and passion was evident, and your ability to use your business and your work to connect with people and motivate change is an important message for youth to hear.”

    Christiane Fox

    Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth Privy Council Office

  • “Kendal is an outstanding speaker. Having ties back into our community really helped our employees connect with his presentation and his story. We got so many great takeaways from Kendal’s presentation. He really knows how to keep the audience engaged and does a great job of telling his story in a relatable manner. He had a wonderful way of balancing the seriousness of our organizational environment with the humor and joy we need to incorporate in our everyday lives. We got so many positive reviews about Kendal and would love to have him back.”

    Isabella Thomas

    Human Resources Manager at Discovery Co-op

  • “Kendal is a talented young man who has accomplished so much in a short time. He is a great role model and leader. I highly recommend him for speaking engagements.”

    Michele Young-Crook

    CEO at National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association

  • “Kendal is an inspiration for many reason. He has overcome challenges and adversity to become a successful entrepreneur, public speaker and author. Kendal is a role model and he truly is driven to succeed!”

    Sara Wheelwright

    Owner of S&E Trusted Online Directories Inc.

  • “Kendal has impressed me from the moment I met him many years back, as both a role model for all youth and a budding entrepreneur. His continued success since that time demonstrates what can be achieved through hard work and a positive attitude. His dedication to the community (no matter what community he is in) and to making this world a better place is inspiring to all ages!”

    Patty Watt

    CCDP Program Manager of the ServiceAbility Training Program

  • “Kendal is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I have had the opportunity to work with. His commitment to his business, his passion and purpose driven goals are evident in everything he does. It has been such an honour to have known Kendal since the early days of Neechie Gear, and to see how much he has given back to the community through his mentoring of youth, entrepreneurs and using his story to show us all that with drive and determination – you can achieve anything!”

    Janine Snick

    SLD Specialty Leasing Manager at Morguard Investments Limited

  • “I have found him to be hard-working, trustworthy, and very smart. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a partner/contributor to any project. He will be an asset on any team!”

    Alisa Thompson

    Parter at Epic Alliance Real Estate inc.

  • “Kendal is great to work with. He is professional and listens deeply with great vision to determine how best to serve clients and audiences.”

    Penny Tremblay

    Workplace Relationships Expert

  • “Kendal opens your mind and heart to the unlimited potential that resides within you…”

    Brian Tracy

    Author, Speaker, Consultant

  • “We were both raised by our mother and grandmother. We both came from poverty. If Kendal and I can win Big, you can too…”

    Bob Proctor

    From the movie “The Secret” & Best-Selling Author of “You Were Born Rich”

  • “I have followed Kendal’s entrepreneurial adventures for many years. He is truly a role model for First Nation’s – and frankly all entrepreneurs.”

    W. Brett Wilson

    Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

  • “I would highly recommend Kendal to speak at your organization or business. He is dynamic and engaging and will challenge your group to go to the next level and beyond!”

    Chris Widener

    Author of The Art of Influence and NYT Best-Selling Author

  • “Kendal is a true inspiration… A true example that anything is possible.”

    Brigette Lacquette

    Team Canada Women’s Olympic Silver Medalist

  • “It’s difficult to quantify how astonishing Mr. Netmaker’s success is without context. In life, some people get to start on third base; Kendal wasn’t even on the team…”

    Dallas Soonias

    Team Canada Volleyball

  • “There are few who have inspired so many others as Kendal…”

    Steve McLellan

    CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

  • “Kendal knows what it takes to become successful. Through his personal journey he shares valuable insight on what it takes to perservere.”

    Michael Linkater

    Canada’s #1 FIBA 3X3 Basketball Player

  • “Kendal’s story is fascinating and he’s overcome so much to become both a rockstar entrepreneur and speaker. I’m in awe of this man and love his message!”

    Jane Atkinson

    Speaking Industry Expert & Author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

  • “If you’re ready to take your business and life to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with my friend Kendal.”

    James Malinchak

    Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”

  • “This is the inspiring true story of how a kid from the rez became a successful business leader and successful motivational speaker. Learn to change your life for the better from someone who has done it himself – Kendal Netmaker!”

    Wab Kinew

    #1 Best-Selling Author of “The Reason You Walk”

  • “I’ve know Kendal for over ten years and watched his success evolve from starting up to game changer. He’s built it all from the ground up through hard work, integrity and making things happen. I highly recommend him.”

    Ryley Iverson

    CEO & Co-founder at Townfolio

  • “Kendal is one of the most inspirational people I know. Through his great book and his business, projects, support for youth sports, online presence, and presentations, he has contributed much to community wellbeing while also being a valued mentor to many, including youth… I have learned a lot from him.He is a wonderful pillar in our community and a leader who has made a great and lasting impression on many.”

    Lee Swanson

    Associate Professor at University of Saskatchewan

  • “Through his keynotes, Kendal “pays it forward” by sharing his real-life stories. When he speaks of changing failure into success, losses into leadership and weaknesses into organizational resilience, his message is resoundingly genuine and right on the point. He lives passionately, delivers his stories articulately and motivates others to become the better version of who they are at every speaking event and workshop.”

    Lanis Anthony

    Communications Expert & Entrepreneurial Impact-maker

  • “Kendal’s insights into entrepreneurship and supporting Indigenous ventures has been valuable as the City of Toronto has worked to develop the Indigenous Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Hearing first hand his lived experience, the challenges he faced, and the barriers he overcame, has been inspirational and will help future Indigenous entrepreneurs follow in Kendal’s path.

    Chris Rickett

    Director, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations at MPAC

  • “Kendal is an exceptional young man and it was a pleasure to meet him when he spoke to our 300 plus delegates at the Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) 2019 National Conference in Regina, SK. Everyone was totally engaged while Kendal sharing his moving and inspirational story. His message was motivational, overwhelmingly positive and dotted with humour. Kendal stressed the importance of stories and encouraged everyone to pass on the gift of their stories. Thank you for sharing your story with us and for being a part of making our conference a success.

    Tim Walsh

    CCCA CSC 2019 Conference Chairman

  • “I first heard Kendal speak at a Fuze Conference in Saskatoon, as a panelist on Entrepreneurship! I was extremely intrigued by his passion to not only support but mentor youth by committing to giving a portion of Neechie Gear proceeds to help underprivileged youth to play sports! He shared his personal story of growing up and wanting to participate in sports and the setbacks he had, which only paved the way for him to support others, and start him on a career path as a sought out Indigenous speaker and leader!”

    Shari Thompson

    Student Professional Development Strategist, Career Development, College of Law

  • “Kendal Netmaker is very professional and a great motivator, he is great at communication in the areas of conveying information, explaining issues and strategizing solutions. Mr. Netmaker has great interpersonal skills and interacts effectively with diverse communities. His unwavering work ethic and commitment to personal and career growth, I am confident that he would be an asset to your organization and I would recommend him at anytime.”

    Faith Julien

    Indigenous Active Life Coordinator at YMCA Calgary

  • “Kendal is a young man whose positive attitude and healthy outlook on life inspires First Nation youth to limit their potential and to think out of the box. He reminds everyone, that our own strength is already inside of us all. I know Kendal will continue to influence and inspire youth and others wherever he shares his stories and positive motivation – a powerful speaker!”

    Cathy Wheaton

    Bird Suicide Prevention Project Coordinator at Saskatchewan Health Authority

  • “Kendal spoke at our 2019 Athabasca Tribal Council Education Conference as a keynote speaker. He read the crowd really well and was able connect with those from all ages. His story of resilience and perseverance is inspiring and wold make a great addition to any conference or event.”

    Elena Gould

    Director of Education, Culture & Language at Athabasca Tribal Council

  • “Kendal was a speaker at our employee appreciation night. I have heard him speak 3 times now and I am always engaged in his presentation. It’s also not always the same message. He shares new stories and ideas, and ties it back into the organization which is very important. I could tell he made an impact because I could see how many employees interacted with him after the session. He is humble, honest and relatable. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

    Michelle Petterson

    Human Resources Advisor at Discovery Co-op

  • “Kendal is a focused, driven and determine community leader continuing to demonstrate values and a positive outlook, and those qualities align well with our company. We’re honoured to have his daily feature running in the afternoons in the Saskatoon radio market on 98COOL-FM, 929 THE BULL-FM and across the prairies on CJWW600-AM.”

    Tim Kostuik

    General Sales Manager at Saskatoon Media Group

  • “Had an opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Kendal about his approach to leadership, his journey and the importance of priorities. Can tell you that Kendal is absolutely genuine and has a great message. His ability to connect with his audience with sharing of his story will bring the group together. Was a pleasure to chat with you Kendal and look forward to hearing you again.”

    Byron Mack

    CPA, CA, Regional Managing Partner at MNP LLP

  • “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kendal and welcome him as a keynote speaker to our recent National Indigenous Speaker Series event. Kendal is an amazing speaker, delivering powerful messages in a very authentic, passionate and compelling way. His own personal story of perseverance, resiliency, success and the power of kindness is nothing short of inspiring! I’d highly recommend Kendal for your next leadership event!”

    Sherri Gray

    Senior Manager, Diversity & Inclusive at TD Bank Group

  • “Kendal very graciously agreed to participate in a virtual session with our very first group of youth registered in JEDI’s Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Camp 2019. Overall it was a great session and we appreciated Kendal’s generous gift of time and his inspirational story”

    Shannon Polches

    Economic Development Officer at JEDI

  • “We were fortunate to have Kendal here in Kinistin Saulteaux Nation to share his story with our school and community. There has been a lot of positive comments about how much everyone enjoyed the presentation, and kids proudly wearing Neechie Gear shirts with a new sense of confidence since he was here! Kendal’s message is so inspiring and I think it’s especially important for our youth to see role models like him in person, persevering and motivating First Nations communities! A new sense of hope has been instilled for the listeners by hearing how Kendal came to be where he is today. He has a very professional yet down to earth and relatable persona. We thoroughy enjoyed having him!”

    Stacey Assie

    Family Support & Intervention Services at Kinistin Wellness Centre

  • “Kendal opened SARC’s conference and left everyone inspired to do better, committed to self-growth and willing to be honest about what shapes us. He is a masterful storyteller that makes a person wish they could have him to a dinner party. Kendal’s description of his life journey and the important people that helped shape who he is, demonstrates that leadership comes in every shape, size and package. Thank you for sharing!”

    Amy McNeil

    Executive Director at SARC

  • “Overall, his presentation was mesmerizing. At certain points you felt his confusion over his circumstances, at other points you could feel through his words, that he marshalled all of his bravery to do exactly what he needed to do. I was moved by his story and I was moved to be just as brave as Kendal is. Kendal also facilitated a workshop for our College. He was a master at motivating the participants to move out of their comfort zone. They were engaging exercises with some fun thrown in. I unreservedly recommend Kendal Netmaker for your organization’s next conference.”

    Patricia Coulson

    Human Resources Manager North West College

  • “Planning a conference and booking a keynote speaker was intimidating but Kendal was professional and tremendously helpful with the entire process. His Keynote address was touching and motivating and I was inspired to take action. Kendal’s drive too succeed is contagious and I highly recommend his keynote services.”

    Candace Dustan

    Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association

  • “The feedback given during the conference was excellent and I would say he exceeded expectations!”

    Doug Martens

    Canadian School for Hydrocarbon Measurement

  • “Kendal has a wonderful and very inspirational story to tell on his business development as well as his challenges in growing up as a young Aboriginal person. I always enjoy reading and hearing about Kendal. Highly recommended as a speaker, a motivator and mentor.”

    Abram Benedict

    Grand Chief at Mohawk Council of Akwesanse

  • I have worked with Kendal on various Cando projects, Cando can definitely count on him for his support! Kendal has facilitated our initial Cando Economic Development Youth Summit Planning Committee, which is now a full force successful Youth Summit. Kendal has been a Speaker at many of our events and we continually look to him for great Neechie Gear gifts for our Conferences!

    Danielle Stanley

    Special Projects Coordinator at CANDO

  • “From our initial contact with Kendal and our use of his knowledge in the business sector, we have been a strong advocate for Kendal and his motivating concepts. The webinars and virtual training that he has been able to provide our clients has been outreaching, informative and very affordable. The information that Kendal provides to new and emerging entrepreneurs is very worthwhile and customer driven.”

    Terry Brodziak

    GM at Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc.

  • “Kendal’s presentation made a great addition to the library’s celebration of Aboriginal Storytelling month. The life lessons and insights from his personal experiences were candid, humorous and engaging. He was a gracious and inspiring speaker and we would gladly have him come back again!”

    Megan Stecyk

    Saskatoon Library

  • “Growing up I didn’t have the opportunity to hear many Indigenous people share their stories. For many I think that was the reality, but hearing Kendal speak reminded me of the power that we all have within ourselves. His story telling abilities allowed us to share the respect, power, love and hope we all feel for our communities. Kendal, thank you for sharing this with our audience.”

    Jadelyn Psutka

    Manager, Indigenous Sourcing at RBC

  • “Kendal is the foremost young Indigenous entrepreneur in Canada! Not only has he been building a strong business himself, but he is also so giving of time and advice to help raise up other entrepreneurs. He shares ideas, tools, resources and leading business practices with many aspiring young business people. I consider Kendal Netmaker a real treasure for Canada and Indigenous People!”

    Dawn Madahbee Leach

    GM at Waubetek Business Development Corporation

  • I’ve heard Kendal speak a few times, and each time, I am captivated by the stories he shares – stories that spark our imagination, challenge us to question what we think we know, and motivate us. He does all this in a way that is authentic and true. He is an inspiring speaker and story teller, sharing wisdom and positive messages of hope for us all.

    Dale Sturges

    National Managing Director, RBC Indigenous Financial Services

  • Thank you Kendal for being our key note today to mark and celebrate National Indigenous History Month. Your message and story inspired all of us. We appreciate all that you do, migwech.

    Ali Najafi

    Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion at RBC

Kendal Netmaker Brand