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Kendal speaks professionally to thousands of people worldwide on resilience, leadership, and the power of telling your story. He is a leading entrepreneur, the founder of Neechie Gear®, the author of Driven To Succeed, and has received over 25 business awards.

All keynotes can be customized to fit the audience and industry needs. All keynotes can be delivered in-person or virtually.


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Every speech is customized to suit the clients needs.

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4X Entrepreneur Of The Year & Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 & Over 25 Awards In Business & Leadership.

  • Keep Moving Forward™ – How To Overcome Obstacles & Become Unstoppable

    Each day, we encounter personal and professional challenges that demand both energy and perseverance. Kendal shares Indigenous strategies geared to help anyone facing challenges in their daily and professional life.

    In this dynamic keynote, Kendal utilizes the power of storytelling to explore the daily challenges we encounter in both personal and professional spheres. Drawing from his own remarkable journey “From Poverty To Podium”, as documented in his best-selling book “Driven to Succeed,” Kendal imparts valuable insights and lessons from his ancestors. This energizing presentation aims to inspire and guide attendees towards a mindset shift, enabling them to refuel, recharge, and reenergize their resilience for ultimate success in all aspects of life.

    Audience Outcomes:

    • Strategies for overcoming obstacles
    • Inner resilience building
    • Tools to set and achieve your goals
    • Reprogramming your mind for success and abundance
    • Using the gift of perseverance and grit
    • Adaptive thinking in action
    • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
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  • Keep Moving Forward™ – How To Lead, Inspire & Motivate Others

    Leadership is a demanding journey, but armed with the right mindset, tools, and consistent practice, you will undoubtedly become the leader you were born to become!

    In this enlightening keynote, Kendal provides practical and impactful leadership strategies applicable to anyone’s daily life. Leading with authenticity, he sets an example that motivates and captivates audiences through genuine narratives drawn from his personal experiences. Kendal delves into the essential values, behaviours, and unwavering commitment required to navigate the journey of self-leadership, encompassing both personal and professional aspects. Outstanding leadership carries a contagious energy, and as you guide yourself effectively, you’re sure to inspire others to follow!

    Audience Outcomes:

    • Self leadership mastery tools
    • Overcome limiting beliefs for leaders
    • Building confidence and assertiveness
    • Effective communication strategies
    • Mindset mastery tools for leadership
    • Building team resilience and adaptability
    • Unleash your full leadership potential
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  • Win More Business Through The Power Of Indigenous Storytelling

    In a world full of noise and short attention spans, the art and skill of memorable & impactful storytelling has never been more important. Indigenous Peoples’ key to retaining their culture and traditions has been built upon oral stories for thousands of years. With no textbooks, they have been able to retain valuable teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation.

    In this powerful keynote, Kendal takes you into Indigenous Peoples’ storytelling communication and how to build a deeper connection with your customers and team members. He explains the importance of how storytelling is key to building long-term relationships for continued business growth.

    Audience Outcomes:

    • How ONE story can improve your communication for deeper connection
    • Learn the 3 ways to tell a story that creates an emotional connection with your customers
    • Why stories develop long-term valuable relationships for business growth
    • Learn Kendal’s case study that shows how storytelling transformed his brand
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  • Moving Forward Together Through Indigenous Awareness & Education

    Indigenous peoples are among the Fastest Growing Demographic in the world, and there are over 370 Million Indigenous people worldwide in over 90 countries. We must continue to raise awareness and educate to work together for a prosperous future.

    In this powerful keynote, Kendal takes you into Indigenous Peoples’ worldview and shares his heartfelt stories of living and thriving in two different worlds. He explains the importance of understanding everyone’s stories, beliefs, and way of life. Kendal’s offering is to plant seeds of hope so that we all are Working, Succeeding, and Prospering Together.

    Audience Outcomes:

    • Deep insights into Indigenous Peoples way of life
    • Learn the importance of Indigenous spirituality and beliefs
    • Understand the similarities/differences between different Indigenous tribes
    • Creating awareness on how to be respectful towards one another and work together
    • Learn Indigenous teachings on how to live a balanced lifestyle for the future
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  • Navigate Change Through The Power Of Indigenous Values

    Indigenous values, rooted in interconnectedness, respect for nature, community, and spirituality, offer a holistic and sustainable approach to managing change. Recognizing the intricate web of relationships between individuals, communities, and the environment fosters a deep understanding of our collective responsibility. Indigenous cultures emphasize a profound respect for nature, advocating for sustainable practices that inform decision-making processes in times of change.

    In this powerful keynote, Kendal takes you into Indigenous Peoples’ worldview as we navigate the challenges of an evolving world. There is much to learn from Indigenous wisdom, urging us to respect diverse worldviews and incorporate Indigenous perspectives into mainstream approaches to change management. Ultimately, this inclusive and sustainable paradigm encourages a shift towards a more harmonious and resilient future.

    Audience Outcomes:

    • Learn how Indigenous knowledge keepers navigate change
    • Understand how to live in harmony with everyone
    • Communication strategies that drive action and accountability
    • Educating about the importance long-term relationship building
    • Foster a culture that values adaptability and encourages continuous improvement
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    The future requires us to adapt and move at a faster pace than what our ancestors experienced. It takes energy and perseverance to overcome a fast changing world with numerous obstacles. Through the power of storytelling, Kendal shares what it takes to take care of our mental health to succeed in all areas of life.

    In this inspiring keynote, Kendal takes us on his profoundly moving personal journey that includes ancient wisdom passed down from Indigenous elders/knowledge keepers. Kendal shares his perspective on how these teachings will allow you to keep moving forward in an ever changing world.

    Audience Outcomes:

    • Deep insights to improve your mental health & wellness
    • Tools to reduce stress at home and work
    • Understanding the importance of listening to your body
    • Hear how Kendal stays grounded through chaos
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  • Keep Moving Forward™ (Custom Program) – For Your Organization, Conference Theme and Unique Objectives

    Just imagine a keynote that could tie together this year’s theme, your core business objectives and leave your audience with the confidence and competence to keep moving forward by implementing all that they have learned at your event.

    Let Kendal bring his extensive experience to your industry and craft a one-of-a-kind keynote that is just for you.

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