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Ep. 5 – Peak Performance: The 7 Keys To Achieve More Than Ever This Year


Hey, this is Kendal Netmaker coming to you live from the studio, and today we are going to be talking about the peak performer, the seven keys to achieve more than ever in the next 12 months. In order to achieve more, we have to grow more, and that starts with the input into our minds, what we’re looking at and thinking at every single day, what’s being, what we’re listening to, the people we’re listening to. Are we listening to the news every single day and becoming programmed with negativity, or are we listening to nurturing audio programs, listening to mentors, to coaches and so on? YouTube videos, podcasts, enriching our mind so that it comes out into positive actions, positive wellbeing, positive action steps, execution, and so on. We have to develop our growth mindset. We must be a knowledge seeker. We must be always seeking knowledge that will help impact us for future success.


In order to be the peak performer that you were born to be, you must identify with your gift. Your gift is something that you’re very good at that maybe sometimes people will point out to you and say, Hey, you’re really good at this, this, and that. You should do that more, and so on. When I realized that I was a storyteller, I was a speaker, and I started to do that more with my life. People would say that to myself, Hey, you should do that more. You should tell your speech at this school, this event, and so on, and I would do that. I would continually do more speaking engagements, and now I have a speaking and coaching business, and it all started because I identified a gift and I kept using it every single day, and I would focus and focus on it. The seven keys to achieve more than ever in the next 12 months.


Key number one is focus. Every successful person that I know, every successful person that I’ve been mentored by, been coached by, had been in their masterminds and so on. Each and every one of them has clearly defined written down goals about what they’re trying to achieve with their life. My question to you is, do you write your goals down? Do you know what you want? This is a super key point here that I want you to focus on right away. You must write down your ideas. You must write down your goals. Here’s the thing that I want to share with you that has worked for me and maybe will work for you every single year in January of every single calendar year, I take it upon myself to sit down and I look back on everything that’s happened in the last 12 months, and I’m grateful for all the things that have worked in our favor, but I’m also grateful for all the obstacles, all the learning opportunities, all the things that didn’t go right and all the things that I’ve been able to learn from them.


And I look back into the current year and I think of what are three main things that I’m trying to achieve with my life here today? What are they? And I start writing them down. It could be a personal goal, it could be a health goal, it could be a financial goal, it could be something with your family, with your career, and so on. So for example, there was a few years ago I said, I want to have 40 paid speaking engagements this year. So that was goal number one. Goal number two, I want to be able to make X amount of dollars in the next 12 months through my business. That’s goal number two. Goal number three, I want to be able to run 5K without stopping for one single ounce of breath without missing a beat. That’s one of my goals this year.


I want to be able to consistently do that. So that’s goal number one, two, and three. Of course, these are all examples. You apply them based on what you feel it’s meaningful to your life and what you want to put out to the universe. It’s very important that you write your goals down. So one of the things that I do is I take those three goals. I put ’em on a little business card size piece of paper, and I will laminate those and I will title it goal card goal number one, goal number two, goal number three, I will sign it. I will date it, and I will put that self laminating sheet onto that piece of paper, and I will take that around with me for the entire year. So every single day when I wake up, I look at that goal card. When I go to bed, when I’m looking through my wallet, I see that goal card.


So now I become programmed to always be thinking about what I’m trying to accomplish in the next 12 months. It becomes programmed into my subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will allow you to make decisions based on where you want to go with your life. And in order to change where you want to go, you have to reprogram your mind because your mind will dictate your physical actions, your physical, where you’re going to go in your life physically. Every single step that you’re going to be making is been programmed by your subconscious mind. So in order to change that, you change the input. You can change it by looking at this goal card, programming your subconscious to always be thinking about your goals. So as you’re going about your day, you might have an opportunity or someone might want to have a coffee with you, and you look at that goal card and this is what you say, is this opportunity, is this meeting going to help get me closer to this goal?


Number one, goal number two, goal number three. If yes, then you take the opportunity, you take the meeting. If not, you can pass this. This is how you become super laser focused on where you want to go with your life, your career, your business as a leader and so on. This is how you take control by complete focus. Another thing that I encourage you to do is once you have those goals written down, what does it look like to accomplish that? Write down on a piece of paper, what does it feel to have actually achieved Goal number one, goal number two, goal number three. So now what you’re doing when you’re writing this down to doing this process is you’re starting to paint a picture in the back of your mind of what this looks like, how it feels. Now you’re starting to create emotion.


You’re starting to attach how it feels in the future date to how it would feel in this present moment. You start to develop a relationship with that vision that you’re starting to create for yourself. Another thing you can do is you can start creating a vision board, putting pictures of similar images of what you’re trying to attract into your life, put ’em on your office wall, your bedroom wall, and so on. This has been super effective, even my life, having this goal card, writing down what I’m trying to accomplish, what does it look like? Being very specific on the things that I’m trying to attract into my life, the types of people, types of opportunities, the types of speaking engagements and so on. All these simple things down to this very detail allows me to really develop a picture into my subconscious so that eventually I’ll be able to attract those into my life.


That’s key number one, to be laser focused on where you want to go by developing clearly written goals to help get you there and create a benchmark of where you’re trying to achieve with your life. Key number two is to be a knowledge seeker, a continual learner of where it is that you need to learn to get to. Goal number one, two, or three. It’s very important that you find people, you find role models, you find people that you can model, buy their books, buy their courses, go to their seminars, watch their YouTube videos, go to their website, study these people that you’re trying to model. It’s much easier to find someone that’s already done something and model certain behaviors that can apply to your life and help get you there faster than trying to reinvent the wheel, be a knowledge seeker. Back in 2014 when I made a decision that I was going to hopefully one day become a speaker, I was in the audience.


I was speaking at a local high school in northern Saskatchewan. As I was speaking, there was someone in the crowd that came and gave me a sticky note and he says, good job Today. I want you to YouTube this guy. And he turned it and he walked away. He handed me a sticky note. I took that little piece of paper, I put it in my jacket, and I turned and I walked away. That winter was Christmas and I was sitting at my monitor and I had a few weeks off. It’s very quiet during the Christmas season, and I said, I’m going to YouTube what this guy had sent me. I remember typing in Les Brown, you Deserve, and it was one of the top motivational speakers on the planet. I remember I was listening to all of these different YouTube videos. I became a student of this person because I said, I can do that one day.


I want to do that. I know I can become a speaker. So I studied. I became a knowledge seeker and I would study people like him. I bought their books. I would go to seminars. I remember flying in 2015 down to Toronto called The Power of Success, and I remember going down there to listen to Tony Robbins, Dean, Bob Proctor, Joe Polish, and so on, listening to people like them, and even Les Brown was there, and I remember going there. I was thinking, I want to learn from the best. I want to learn from the best of the best, so hopefully one day I can become one of the best. That’s how focused you have to be on where it is that you’re trying to go with your life. You want to achieve more. Go find the best in that field and learn from them. Model them. Buy their books, buy their courses, because as you’re growing and now you’re growing your mindset, when you have opportunities or obstacles, you’ll be better equipped because you have the right information to help get you there quicker. You’ll be able to overcome procrastinating as opposed to other people because you’re better equipped with the knowledge that you need to overcome those obstacles to take on those opportunities and so on. So number two, be a knowledge seeker.


Key number three, in order to achieve more than ever in the next 12 months, it is very important, is it is essential that you work on the relationships with your loved ones, especially if you have a husband or a wife, a significant other. Those relationships you have with them will make or break your future success in your journey. I want to share with you a few examples that has helped me. You see, when I first got into business, I was a pretty young man. I was almost outer university and me and Rachel, we were new parents and we were just navigating life as young parents, and we also had a hard time navigating life As a couple, we went through our own struggles and so on. It wasn’t until we made a decision that we are going to be on the same team. We are going to be on the same team in trying to support each other, to both have success in our careers.


She was a teacher. I was an entrepreneur trying to become a speaker, trying to figure out ways, and the more that we would communicate with one another, the more that we would share what was our wins today and what we were working on, what things that weren’t going so well for us and so on. We would have these regular talks and we would counsel each other through things, and we still do that to this day. It’s very important that you develop this communication with the people that are closest to you, especially your loved ones, because they will help you through the tough times. They’ll give you insights, they’ll be able, when you go home from work, you’ll be able to feel like you have a positive place to be able to be yourself and so on, so that when you have opportunities and obstacles and so on, you’ll be able to perform better. You’ll be able to bake better educated guesses and be able to choose and pick the right winning opportunities and so on. Develop those healthy home life habits with those around you, and you’ll see that happy at home means happy at work.


One of the things that we found as a couple with me and Rachel is that when we started to get counseling and we started to work on ourselves, we found that our careers escalated and grew much quicker as a result of that. See, the more that you work on your home life, you’re able to, it’s a reflection of everything else. After that, your work life, your career will start taking off. It’ll start making more sense to you. You’ll be more clear in the zone at work because your home life is more taken care of. It’s very important that you work on this home life, your relationships back home because your home life will impact the future success of your career and organization and business and so on. Key number four is to look after your health, to optimize your health at the best possible way that you can do it with what you have in front of you.


This goes to your physical wellbeing. I never used to be a runner, but when I started to run, when I started to jog, and it came after I made a decision that I was going to become a speaker, so I would look at other speakers who were successful and I would see their habits, what are the stuff that they were doing to look after their bodies and so on their minds, their emotional wellbeing, their spiritual wellbeing, and I noticed that they all had very similar characteristics. Each and every one of them would jog. They would have some kind of cardiovascular activity that they would do all the time. So I made a decision. As much as I hated jogging, I was going to develop my lungs as best as I possibly could, so I started jogging in about 2016. I remember I hit the pavement the very first time and it was painful.


It was tough. In fact, the first couple years I hated it. Then I started to realize that the benefits were more attractive to me than the pain itself of getting myself out bed and going for a run. You see, you start to enjoy the benefits of good health. You start to be able to think more clearer. You start to be able to have better relationships with yourself so that you can have better relationships with others. You start to realize that my body, what I put into my body has a direct correlation and impact on everything out there in my journey, and the more I take care of my temple, my body, everything else out there will start to succeed as well because I’ll be better equipped for opportunities and tough times. Another thing I started to invest in was the type of nutrients I would put into my body.


So if you’re like me, you get not a lot of time to really look after yourself some days, so I started to take more vitamins. I would take them on the road, in the airports and so on, and I would also buy these nutritional supplements, and then one of my favorite ones is called Athletic Greens, and I just mix that with a bottle of water and I get a lot of different nutrients and it actually tastes pretty good and I feel better after I do these type of things, especially when you’re on the go, when you’re going nonstop, nonstop. It’s good to look after yourself and take as many things that you can to try and nurture your mind so that you can think better and make positive decisions as you go. It’s also important that you talk to people, talk to your loved ones about how you’re feeling.


If you have a counselor, go and talk to a counselor as often as you can because it’s very important that you let out steam you, let out those frustrations. Then have someone on the receiving end to help guide you through conversations because sometimes as entrepreneurs, as leaders, it’s lonely and sometimes you can’t really talk to people like that, so you have to find people that you can talk to consistently. Another thing that I encourage you to do is to develop your faith, your relationship with creator, with God and so on. The more people that I find that are successful have a very strong relationship in their faith, in the higher power and so on. Key number five is to focus on your strengths. What are you good at? Far too often I see leaders, I see entrepreneurs and so on. They focus on things that make no sense to what they’re good at, just because someone else is doing something, they think that they have to do it too, and it becomes a disaster.


They waste a lot of time and energy and so on. I want to bring you back to who you are as an individual. What are you good at? What are your strengths? In fact, do this right now on a piece of paper. I want you to write down all the things that you’re good at, email your closest colleagues, your closest customers, and so on, and say, I’m doing a little exercise with one of my coaches and I am asked to write down what are my top five core qualities that make me successful and watch what people reply to you at. I did this exact same exercise the very first time I hired a coach. I remember I had to email all of my customers, all of my clients, all of my friends, my family members, and I asked them that question, what are my top five qualities that make me successful?


And they were all very consistent, and some of them I didn’t even realize I was good at. Do this simple exercise, watch what people say because the more you focus on what you’re good at, the more positive results are going to come from that, and you’ll be more focused and equipped for long-term success beyond 12 months. Pause as you’re playing to your strains, as you’re going about your journey, what also you’ll find is that your vision of where you want to take your life starts to become more clearer. You start to realize that this is actually where I want to go, or you might be going down on a certain path and about six months into it you realize something, I actually want to go on this other path. This is much more attracted to me. I actually feel like this is what’s meant for me, and I realized that this initial path took me to a place where I need to go, where I’m meant to go, and that’s how is sometimes you’ll be doing something and you’ll believe that a hundred percent, this is what you’re meant to do, only to discover that something else was placed in the path and you have to take a different road into a different path that you’re meant to be on.


That happened to me. I would not become a speaker if I wasn’t involved in selling T-shirts. That’s an example I want you to think about right there. What are you doing right now? And be open to that. The universe might put you in a different direction to help align you closer with the gift that creator meant for you. Key number six, you want to involve yourself in a mastermind if you can, or a circle of influence of people that all are driven to succeed. When I started to get involved in masterminds, I used to fly down or I’d become involved in Zoom calls, in close meetings online, and I would go to different events around the same people, and we would talk every single month about the same issues that we were going through, and the first one I was in was called Tec Canada, and I would be there with all these different executives, CEOs, and myself as a solopreneur.


I was trying to find a way to learn from these people. After a few months of just being a part of this group, I started to realize that I was developing winning habits from being a part of this group, I was starting to make more positive decisions. I was able to get more educational opportunities and also feedback from these people because they had higher level experiences that I could not find in the mainstream marketplace. When you’re around the right people, especially in masterminds where sometimes you have to pay to be a part of, you start to get feedback from people that are driven like yourself, that are trying to succeed, and what the best part of this is, they all are encouraging each other to succeed in that group, so you’re getting real feedback, quality time, and best of all, you can apply that to your life and business, and it will cut your learning curve in half often to get to where you want to be in the next 12 months.


The best part about being a part of a mastermind or a circle of influence of people that all have a common goal is that you never know who you’re going to partner with. You never know who you’re going to be working with in the future. I have seen so many positive collaborations of people coming together and helping each other win, whether it be through webinars, whether it be through product launches and so on, creating new ventures together. The power of Masterminds is so deep because it’s hard to find a collective group of individuals, highly motivated, highly driven, and bring ’em into the same room. When you do that, magic tends to happen. Amazing ideas start to blossom and so on, and all you have to do is plug and play them. You bring ’em into your life, you try ’em out and you see what works for you.


It’s tough to find that in the mainstream around common groups of friends and so on, because if you’re really focused on where you want to go and you’re highly driven, there’s only a certain number of people out there that are on the same frequency as you and the further you want to go in your life, your career, it’s harder to find these people, but you can find it in a mastermind. I encourage you to find a circle of influence, apply yourself into it, and learn from the best of the best so that you can become the best


Key. Number seven is my all time favorite. Every successful person needs a coach, needs a mentor. This was the number one key for myself going from selling T-shirts to becoming one of Canada’s top 40 under 40, a top rated speaker four-time entrepreneur of the year was I started to invest in coaching from highly successful people. The very first time I did this, I remember I was still in Iche gear and I was working behind the till. I was in all these different stores that we had, and in 2014, I made a decision I was going to go find a guy called Damond John. I found him and I paid a consulting fee. I flew down to New York City, the Empire State Building, and I remember going up to his office and I learned from him. For one hour. I took all these notes and so on, and I was learning from the best of the best.


This guy’s on Shark Tank, he’s built fubu, 5 billion in sales and so on. So I was learning from the best of the best. I took what I learned, brought it back, grew my business. Then all of a sudden speaking came out of this. So as I became a speaker, I realized that I needed to grow my business much quicker. I know that there was people out there and I was just as good as them, and how are they further ahead than me? I realized that they had coaches, they invested in themselves, so I would hire coaches from Chris, Jane Atkinson, James, and so on, and I would listen to these people, show me how do I build this speaking business? How do I become the best speaker that I possibly can, but most importantly, create systems, create a business out of it, not just a gig, a business.


So I would listen to these people and they would also say, Hey, Kendall, why don’t you think about online programs? So I built an academy. Why don’t you think about writing a book? So I wrote a book. I didn’t know how to write a book, so I found a coach to help me write a book. You see, every step of the process, I have been hiring coaches. Still to this day, I have a personal one-on-One, coach Becca from Frame of Mind coaching who works with me, keeps in touch with me, making sure that my mind is right, because I found the longer periods that I’ve been on when I haven’t been talking with a coach, sometimes old negative habits, mindset, habits come back to my mind, and when I go and talk with a coach two, three months later, they have to remind me that I’m being too hard on myself.


I’m talking negatively about myself, and that impacts my success journey. See, I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for coaching. I wouldn’t have learned those simple things if it wasn’t for being invested in coaching. The coaches that you can invest in here today can take you from where you are to where you want to be much quicker. They can cut your learning curve in half. They can hold you accountable. They can hold you to a higher standard than you hold for yourself and so on. Coaching has been the number one thing that has taken me from where I was to where I wanted to be, and it could do the same thing for you, but you have to make the conscious effort to find a mentor, find a role model, find a coach, and most importantly, someone that’s done what you’re trying to do.


Try to find someone like that. That is the key to hiring a good coach. Those are the seven keys to achieve more than ever in the next 12 months. So let’s recap. Number one, you must have complete focus. Know where you want to go. You can do this and set it up through goal setting, writing them down. Number two, be a knowledge seeker. Find the people who are knowing what you’re trying to do, people who have done it and learn from them. Buy their books, buy their courses, all that type of stuff. Number three, work on your home life. Work on your relationships with the people that are closest to you because happy at home means happy at work, a happy career. Number four, optimize your health. Do what is necessary to help you achieve and allow your body to work at the level that you’re trying to get to.


Number five, work on your strengths. Focus on what you’re good at as opposed to what everyone else is doing out there. Number six, involve yourself in a mastermind. Be around highly driven people out there because if you’re around the best, there’s a good chance that you too can become the best. Number seven, the number one thing that allowed me to take me from where I was to where I wanted to be was hiring a coach. This is a very important step. You must find a mentor that has been there and made the decisions that you are trying to struggle through, that you’re trying to find ways to overcome a mentor, a coach can help get you there quicker, hire a coach. I want to leave you with a few simple words, a few simple stories that’ll hopefully help get you there quicker. One of the things that I’ve had a chance to do was work with a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of leaders over the past number of years, and one of the things that I found was that a lot of these people would be super focused, but they would continually do things just because another person was doing it.


I want to let you know some focus on your dream, focus on what it is that you want to do, not someone else’s dream. You can’t live someone else’s dream. Some people are good at certain things that you’re not so good at, but you know what else? You’re also good at a lot of things that other people aren’t good at. Focus on your dream. You can’t live someone else’s dream. Another thing I want to share with you is when you’re in the zone, you should be so laser focused that sometimes you will lose track of time, you’ll lose track of where it is that in your day, it might be late at night and all of a sudden it’s morning because you’ve been so focused in the zone on what you’re trying to do. You don’t need to let Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.


You don’t need to let them know every single step that you’re doing. To me, that is a complete waste of time. Focus on what you’re trying to achieve with your life, with your career, your business, and so on. You don’t need to let the whole world know because you should be working in silence and focused on what you’re trying to achieve. Another thing I like to do is track my goals. I look at them. I also have this little thermometer of my income goals and my speaking business and so on, and I track my monthly thermometer of where I’m trying to hit and so on. I hold myself accountable that way, and I think you should do the same thing if you want to get there quicker. And lastly, when you hit your milestone, when you hit your goals, it should feel as if you’ve already expected it to happen because you’ve done all this planning steps for it to be programmed in your mind, and when it finally happens, it feels good, but you expected it.


I see far too often a lot of people when they hit a goal is they overindulge in it. They celebrate too much. One of the things that people may find odd is if I win an award or I achieve a milestone, I don’t overindulge over that because when I do that, I say to myself that this is the mountaintop. This is it. Instead, I’ll look at that. I’ll be happy in that moment. That evening, I’ll celebrate. Maybe I’ll buy some junk food or whatever, and I’ll move on The next day, I’ll work on towards the next goal. It’s always good to have your next goal ready. Have something always look forward to because when you hit a plateau, you hit a peak. That’s when you can let things go and you can stop doing these discipline habits that you’ve been working so hard to maintain. Focus on where you want to go. These are the seven keys to achieve more than ever in the next 12 months, and I encourage and hope that every single one of you who’s listening to this recording achieves more than ever in the next 12 months, and you are focused. You are driven, and the more that you work on your mindset, your outer world gets better. Good luck!


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