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Ep. 9 – Shift Your Mindset: The 5 Keys To Enrich Your Life


Hey, this is Kendal, Netmaker coming to you live from the studio, and today we’re gonna be talking about shifting your mindset in living the life that you were meant to live. You know, as children, sometimes some of us have to be raised in different conditions, different circumstances than most people out there in the world. You know, sometimes some of us have to grow through different hardships, through life changing circumstances that most people cannot relate to. And sometimes as you’re growing up through that stuff, you think to yourself, why me? Why is this happening? I wanna start off by saying that if you’ve had to grow up through circumstances, through hardships, through so many obstacles as a youth, and today you are listening to this recording, I want to congratulate you. And I want to say something that’s very profound. What I want to say is that I truly believe, I have this belief that the people who have had to go through all these different things as a, as a young person, as a child, as a youth, as a adolescent, as a young adult, there is something waiting for you at the end of this tunnel.

Sometimes some of us have to go through these things to grow into who we need to become, because our purpose requires that Today we’re gonna be talking about how do we shift our mindset so that we can take advantage and use what we have within ourselves, all the things that we have to go through and attract more of what we need in our life so we can impact the world, impact our workplace, impact our family, impact our business, and so on. Now, a lot of the things that I’m gonna share with you in this recording, they might be things that you haven’t heard before. And I want to start off by saying that in order for things to change in your outer world, the mindset has to change. And how the mindset changes, it changes with the input, the things that you hear every single day, the people that you’re listening to, the type of music you listen to, the people that you’re interacting with at work, at school, and so on.

So in order for things to change, we need to go back and fix some of these things so that we can input and create a synergy that allows you to create and attract more meaningful life circumstances for the future, for your life, your business, your, your kids, and so on. Does that sound good? Alright, let’s get into it. Before we get into that, I wanna share with you three key stories that will help give you an idea of how this happened within myself and how I learned about all these different strategies that I’m gonna share with you in this recording. Sometimes what we were taught as children can play a positive or a negative circumstance for us in the future. And, you know, as growing up as kids, that was one of the things that we had to juggle around. You know, we had to grow up with only one parent.

Our mother did the best that she could. Raising myself, my three younger sisters on our first Nations reserve in Sweetgrass, first Nation in Saskatchewan, and living there, we were, our normal was poverty. Our normal was collecting a welfare check. Our normal was pawning, our belongings, our bikes, our, our Super Nintendo and so on. Our normal was collecting cans and bottles. Our normal was always relying on this welfare check every single month and pawning our valuables so that we can get change, we can get money to be able to afford food, to be able to afford school clothes, all these type of basic necessities that that most people take for granted out in the real world. So that was our normal, and growing up, we started to get programmed, at least I did, in a way of relying on other people to come and save us, when really, at the end of the day, we have gifts, we have talents, each and every one of us.

You as a listener, listening to this recording right now. You have gifts, talents, and abilities within yourself that have been given to you by what, what some would say, God, creator and so on, and those gifts and blessings that have been bestowed upon you. If you use that in a positive way on this, this, this journey that we call life, you can have a good chance of being successful. So today we’re gonna be sharing with you some strategies. The very first day in my young life, I was living in a place called Sweetgrass First Nation. Again, my mom was single parenting us. She was raising us. And one day in particular, I was outside in my, my community. I was outside my house and I was playing with these cars, these toys outside on the grass, and then outta nowhere. Suddenly I had this little thought, this vision, if you want to call it, of how I would see myself in the future as a young man, as an adult, how would I want to lead my life?

And all that came in the back of my mind was this person who was much older, first Nations man who had this black and white suit on. So that was the very first time I ever thought and, and proactively thought about who I could become in the future. That was the basic thing, was a businessman. And little did I know that I would eventually become a businessman. I’d become an entrepreneur, I’d become a speaker, and so on. So that was the first time. And I remember that just like yesterday, because it was a thought, it was a feeling that maybe that could be possible for me. One day. Fast forward into grade 10, and in grade 10 when I was going to, to John Paul Collegiate in North Battleford Saskatchewan, when I was a high school student, my very first day in that school, I was introduced to a keynote speaker who came to our school.

It was a general assembly, and I was in the back of the room and in the back of the room, I was on the top of the bleachers and I was like the shyest kid in my school. And I had a hard time talking with people. In fact, when the teacher would ask me to go up and do presentations, I was always the shyest kid in the back of the room. And I didn’t wanna be noticed. I used to shake the paper when I would hold it. I couldn’t make eye contact with people. I had a hard time with doing all these things. So when I was listening to this keynote speaker speaking to us at this school, I started off with the whole presentation thinking about, you know, my arms were crossed and I’m, you know, I was closed off. And I was thinking, know, what is this person gonna talk to us about today?

Now, about five, 10 minutes into his keynote, this person was so impactful with their words that I started to open up my body posture. And I started to lean in and my body posture started to lean in, and I started to rest my elbow on my knees. And I was really focused on what this person was saying. In fact, at the end of this presentation, I was so motivated, I was so inspired that I made a decision in the back of my mind, yes, in the back of my mind, this is where it starts. I made a decision that I was going to do that someday. I didn’t know who I was gonna become or what I was going to accomplish, but I made a decision that I was gonna inspire people One day. I was gonna help people through words, even though I was the shyest kid in the back of the room.

I made a decision that day and that decision would eventually lead me into becoming a speaker. You see these simple mind shift ideas is where things start. Now, fast forward to 2010, and I was a full-time university student, and I was studying to become a teacher. I thought that I was gonna become a phys ed teacher. I like to play sports. That was my passion. And my mindset was focused on becoming a teacher. And I thought that this is all I was going to do for the rest of my life. First and foremost, I want you to reconsider when you go into an opportunity when you’re going into whether it’s education or a workplace, and so on, be open, be mindful of future possibilities that can take you in a different path. You know, most of us, we go into our lives, we our everyday lives, and we assume that this is all we’re gonna be doing for the rest of our life.

And what that could do is it can create complacency within us, and it can limit our creativity, our belief in ourselves, even our potential, and even our work ethic out there. So I want you to be mindful. Every opportunity that you take, think about where this might take you in the future and watch amazing things that can happen with that. In 2010, as a full-Time University student, I started this company that didn’t work out so well. It was called Moose Meat apparel. Yes, that was an actual company that I started Moose Meet Apparel, and I started it as a, as a volleyball athlete with a bunch of my volleyball buddies. And eight months later, I had to shut it down. And I felt like a complete failure, and my mindset wasn’t ready for it. I was so not ready for all the stuff that was happening in behind the scenes.

You know, I was, I was going through a lot of things, you know, emotionally, mentally, and so on. And, and, you know, me and my wife, Rachel, we were just found out that we were gonna have a son. And, you know, a lot of things were happening at this time. So in 2011, right before I’m gonna be finishing my university, I remember I had this poster that I had bought from the University of Saskatchewan. And every, every semester they had these people that would come and sell posters in the front. So I bought this poster, I put it on our wall, and every single day I would look at this poster. Now, the reason I bought this poster is ’cause it looked cool. It had this mountain, and this guy was climbing up the mountain. And you know, when I can, I can relate to that in some way.

I felt like I was working towards something and the mountaintop was a goal. And I was like, yeah, I wanna put this on my wall. So I put it on my wall. And little did I know that I was programming my mind to think differently. You see, in 2011, I was just in the right after that first company failed, I started up my, my second company, Neechie Gear. And most of you know the story of how Neechie Gear became a success journey. How it became, how I was able to use a problem. How was we are able to use this failure of our first company and create a successful business outta that failure. You know, sometimes through our hardships, through our problems, through our obstacles, blessings can come out of those. So it’s very important that you stay positive. And every single day waking up, I look at that poster.

And on this poster, this is what it said, he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. And so I look at this quote every single day thinking about, you know, taking risks, being courageous. And right when my first company failed, I thought about take being courageous and keep going forward. I kept focused on the future. And when I started Neechie Gear, I was focused on the future thinking of, you know, using all these problems, all these obstacles as fuel to create a successful business. So in 2011, our son is born. You know, Rachel, my wife, is a full-time student, still, she’s not quite done her university. And we found ourself in a very low circumstance, in a very difficult time. You know, it was hard financially, it was hard, emotionally, mentally, and so on. And I didn’t know how I was gonna pay for Pampers formula and, and all the basic necessities, even rent.

In fact, it got so bad that we found ourself lining up for welfare in downtown Saskatoon. It got so bad. You’ll see there’s five keys that I wanna share with you in this recording that are gonna help you to shift your mindset, to focus on the positive, to attract the life that you were meant to live. And these five things, these five keys here today, are going to help empower you in a way and get your mind right so that you can pull and become a magnet to all those things that you want in your life. The first key to shift your mindset starts with making a decision. You see, in 2010, when I first started my first company, it was a project. You know, I had one foot in and one foot out in 2012 when I started Neechie Gear.

And we found ourself coming back outta that welfare line. We sat down, I made a decision with Rachel that I was gonna give a hundred percent into this business. And that decision involved me throwing myself all of my energy into this business and making sure I gave it everything I had. So at the end of the day, I had no, you know, what ifs or no regrets about the things that I was doing with it. So I had no choice to be become successful with it. So that’s the first decision you need to make when you’re making this mindset shift, shifting your mindset. One, what is your decision that you’re going to make with your life? What do you wanna achieve? Who do you want to become? What kind of legacy do you wanna leave for your wife, your kids, your family, and so on?

That person you need to become starts with a decision. And in 2012, that was the decision. The very first decision I made was to give this business a hundred percent effort, a hundred percent execution that I possibly could. A few years later in 2014, at the height of my neechie Gear success journey, and we had all these different stores and I found myself this hamster in a wheel going as fast as I could, as fast as I could, only to find myself burning out and wondering what was next in this journey that I was leading on. And during this time, I would get asked to go and speak at different high schools, different corporate events entrepreneur classes and so on. And they would ask me to share my, my startup story. I know how I start and grew my business neechie gear. So I would share with them how important it was to make a decision to go a hundred percent into a goal, into a business, into a project, so that you can give it its maximum potential and hopefully achieve maximum results from that.

So, you know, the more places I would speak, the more people would be receptive to this idea. But after a few years of of going to these different events, I was still growing my Neechie gear business. And there came a time when I started to really focus on how do I grow my speaking business? How do I become an even better speaker than I am today? So I had this belief of, okay, how do I go and find people who are actually doing this? How do I go and find people who are experts in this field? How do I go into their seminars? How do I buy their books? And so on. So in 2014, I was at a northern community and I was speaking in front of a northern audience, and at the end of the presentation, there was this person in the back of the room, and they walked all the way to the front right after I had just finished the presentation.

And they gave me the sticky note. And on the sticky note, they had scribbled some writing on the sticky note. And they said to me, Hey, Kendal, good job today. I want you to YouTube this guy. I think it would really help you. And they turned and they walked away. I just, you know, as a, as a young person, I looked at the sticky note thinking, you know, what’s this all about? And I, and I remember putting it in my pocket and I kept it there for a few days. You know, a few days later, I emptied my pocket and I I put it onto my monitor at home on my computer monitor. And that stood there for about two more months until finally Christmas came around in 2014. And I remember at Christmas time, we had a few weeks to kind of, you know, relax.

And I was sitting in my office and I remember what the person had said to me, YouTube, this guy. So I YouTube what was on this sticky note. And on the sticky note, this is what it read, Les Brown, you deserve. So I YouTube Les Brown, and I’m sitting there for a few minutes a few, you know, few hours turn into, to two to four hours. And I’m sitting there, I’m hooked. I’m listening to this guy, and I feel like this person’s talking to me. In fact, I was so hooked. I immediately bought this person’s audio programs and I bought their books, and I started to be consumed with all this knowledge. And what happened in just a few months started to change my outlook on the rest of my life. In fact, I was able to track different things. I made a decision that I was gonna grow the speaking business.

You see, when you input your mind with, with good the positive things that you’re really trying to attract with your life, and you start surrounding yourself with the right people, you start to automatically attract these opportunities, these people that will help get you there quicker. Right? After this recording was done and I was listening to Les Brown on YouTube, you know, buying his books, I was able to find an email that was sent from his email list and it said that he was gonna be at a local event in Toronto. It’s called the, the Power of Success. And there was gonna be like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Dean Graziozi, Joe Polish, all these legends that are out there. And I was like, man, I gotta be here. So I remember I redeemed all of my credit card points. I show up and I made a decision I was going to learn, I was going to network.

And I, I remember I was on that stage in between the intermission, I took a selfie and I was like, you know what, I’m gonna be here one day. You see, this is how, since how focused I was back then and I was so focused on this is where I want to go. This is the type of focus you need to create for yourself. If you want to achieve it. And you want to create either a business or a project, you wanna advance your life, your career, you want your family to be well taken care of. This decision is so important. So in 2014, I’m at these events, you know, I’m making these decisions. I’m going to, to, to, to seminars. I’m buying books. I’m, I’m investing in online courses. So much stuff is happening. I started hiring coaches in the speaking field. My, I’m able to, to attract more engagements.

You know, every single year my, my engagements have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So much stuff is happening in such a short amount of time. Because of this mindset shift that was happening, I was shifting my mind into what, you know, from limiting all the problems out there into focusing on attracting what opportunities I want to bring into my life. That’s the key right here. You see, when you shift your mindset from the problems to the possibilities, that’s where the magic happens. You know, in between this time there’s things that you’re gonna have to go through. One of them, what was the hardest part for me was I realized that I didn’t have necessarily the most positive of friends around me. So I would have to start limiting myself from some of these people who were, who were quite negative, that didn’t really, you could tell they didn’t really support the goals that I had for myself.

They weren’t supportive of it. And sometimes there’d be people out there that, you know, if you tell your goals to them, they’re not gonna be supportive. They’re going to maybe mock your goals. They’re going to, you know, mimic you and so on. They’ll make you feel bad about them. You know, that right there is the first sign that you need to separate yourself from those people. The hardest part for this is sometimes it’s our own family members. So in between this time when you make a decision that you’re going to become who you were born to be, you’re gonna shift your mindset, you’re gonna attract opportunities. You need to understand that there’s gonna be people that you’re gonna have to let go. And what I’m saying about that is, I’m not saying totally disown people. What I’m saying is you’re gonna have to distance yourself from them so you can protect your mindset.

’cause once you start on this journey of growing your mind, you’re shifting your mindset. You have to protect it because it’s so easy to go back into the old trap of, you know, people who are negative, people who gossip, people who talk about how bad the world is. You know, people who do that, they, they stay in that circle for a long time. While people like you are going to be so focused on what you want, you’re gonna be attracting it every single day that you’re too busy to be focusing on the negative. And when you finally get there, you know what they’re gonna say. They’re gonna say, how did our buddy right there? How did they get to there? And we’re still here. It’s because you focused, you shifted your mindset, you’re focused on who you wanna become. You’re so focused that you are able to input more positive things into your mindset so that you can focus and attract the life that you are meant to live.

So the five keys to shift your mindset, number one, we just talked about making that decision, you must make a choice of where is it you want to go with your life. Key number two, this is very, very important. Every successful person that I know has had to overcome hardship, overcome trauma, overcome tremendous obstacles to be able to be prepared for who they’re going to become in the future. And when you finally discover your purpose, when you discover who you were meant to be in this place that we call life, you need to start making goals for yourself that are, that are big. You know, I, I really am a big believer of making big goals that most people are intimidated by. You know, when I first started Neechie Gear, for example, when my first thing I said to people was, I was gonna become the next Lululemon, and people would laugh at me, people would be like, oh my gosh, this guy’s kinda crazy.

And you know what? We started to, to grow stores, right? We started to have stores just like Lululemon, are own our own branded stores. And people started to become believers after that. You see, that’s the kind of goals that you want to create for yourself. So key number two. So first, and first and foremost, the key number one is making that decision. Key number two is, now that you know what you want to do, you have an idea of where you want to go, you need to start writing these things down. So what I highly, highly encourage is to create a goal card. And what a goal card is, is a little two by three inch little business card, a empty one, nothing written on it. And at the top of it, I want you to write goal card. And I want you to write number one, number two, number three, you’re gonna write three different goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 months, the next three years, five years, and so on.

Three key goals, okay? And you’re gonna title it. Number one is you’re going to write your first goal, number two, second goal number three, your third goal. Why do I say only three goals? Because our mind is very precise in how we remember things. There is a reason why marketers out there have that magic. Magic number three is what they use all the time to, for people. For example, if you’re noticing infomercial on tv, there’s usually no more than three key points on there on online, on online sales pitches, same thing. They have three key secrets, three key ingredients, and so on. Because the mind has a hard time remembering anything more than three on the spot. So I want you to focus on these three key goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 months, in the next three, five years, and so on.

So label this goal card two by three. And number one is you’re gonna put your first goal. For example, I’m a speaker. I wanna get, you know, 40 to 50 highly paid keynote engagements in the next 12 months. So maybe that’s goal number one. goal number two, I don’t know, maybe I wanna learn how to, to run a half marathon in the next 12 months. I wanna be able to run this half marathon at this time in the next 12 months. So then maybe that’s goal number two. And goal number three is maybe a family goal. I wanna take my kids to Disneyland in the next 12 months, right? So you have three different goals there that you’re focused on in the next 12, 12 months to three to five years, and so on. And what I want you to do is I want you to sign that in your writing at the end, at the bottom, and I want you to date that.

And in the back of this, you’re gonna flip it around in the back of this. Now I want you to write a quote or a little mod, a little mantra of how you want to look at this every single day. So for example, I would say I am super grateful to be a highly paid keynote speaker, and I would look at that on the back every single day. So in the front of this, you have your goals. On the back of it, you have a little mantra to yourself of you know, who you’re, you’re trying to future pace, like as if you already have this goal in the back of your mind as if you’re already there. And you can laminate this with a little laminating sheet from dollarama, a little business card laminating sheet. That’s what I did when I first started. I still have that same business card laminating sheet with all my goals on it.

And you take that every single place that you can. You put it in your wallet, you put it in your briefcase, you put it in your binders, your notebooks, and so on. The goal is you wanna look at this every single day. You wanna look at it in the morning, throughout the day, at night, and so on. You wanna look at the so much that it becomes imprinted in the back of your mind. Why do I say this? Because the more that you think about this, when opportunities come across your desk, when opportunities come into your life, through your email, through your workplace and so on, the more that you’re so focused on these goals, you’ll be able to say yes or no more easily than other people. So for example, let’s pretend someone sends you an email or they give you an opportunity, and it might actually take you away from goal number one, goal number two, goal number three.

It makes no sense to do it. It’s easier to say or know or to pass up on those opportunities that are thrown at you. On the other hand, if someone gives you an opportunity, that’ll help you get you closer from to goal number one, goal number two, goal number three. It’s easier for you to take advantage of that opportunity and to say yes to that. So that’s why it’s so important to write your goals down. Some people, while they also write goal number one, goal number two, goal number three, down every single day on a, on in their journal, if they have a journal on another piece of paper every single day. So your goal is you wanna be so good at this, writing this down all the time, being so consistent with seeing this every single day that you’re so consumed about being obsessed about these goals.

That is the whole goal of this. That’s why we do this as leaders, as entrepreneurs, as business owners, as highly driven individuals. That’s why we do these simple things to help program our mind to focus on this stuff. And the more that we focus on this, we make decisions every single day that will help us attract those into physical realities for ourselves. So that’s key number two. So number one is we made a decision. Number two is we have this goal card. We’re taking us with us every single day. It’s in our, it’s everywhere that we are in our briefcases, our wallet we saved it as our screensaver on our phone, our, our laptops and so on. We’re looking at it every single day. That’s the goal. Key number three is I want you now that you have goal number one, goal number two, goal number three is below those goals on a piece of paper, I want you to write number one.

And I want you to write every single thing that is needed in order to achieve goal number one. So for example, if I’m a speaker and I’m trying to attract more stages, or I’m trying to get booked more, okay, what do I need to do? I need to combine an email list of all these e events, event coordinators and so on. I need to maybe invest in, in online advertising. I need to create a new demo video. I need to upgrade my website. I need better photography. I need to do this, this, this, and that. I want you to write as many different things under goal number one, the required action right now. And I want you to do the same for goal number two. And goal number three, the goal here is, is I want you to really think deep about everything that you need to do in order to achieve number one, achieve number two, achieve number three on your goal card, okay?

So write down the required action, all the different things, the things you need to invest in, the things you need to learn from the people that you need to meet along the way, possibly the events that you need to go to, all these different things. I want you to write ’em down right now. So now that you have those all written down, I want to get into key number four, okay? And key number four is what I call visual imaging. You almost using like a vision board. Some people call it a vision board. And what you’re gonna do now is you’re going to go online. You’re going to either go through online or through old magazines, and I want you to search images of exactly what you’re trying to attract in your life. So for example, for myself, I’m a speaker. I maybe I would put big stages, big auditoriums on my wall.

If, if I’m trying to become healthier, maybe I, I would put more healthier images of people working out gyms, you know healthier foods and so on. If I’m trying to spend more time with my wife and kids, maybe I would put more help, happier families on my wall and so on. And you wanna put this in a space where you’re gonna see it every single day. So for myself, I put it in my office. I have this big vision board on. My kids see it all the time. And you know, they, they come and they always ask, you know, why all these images are on my wall? Because I’m trying to tell them, I’m trying to show them this is how you attract more. This is how you program your mind to the things that you want to attract in your life in the future.

These simple things, these simple mind hacks will allow you to achieve those things much quicker than most people. So we call this a vision board, you know, visual imaging. You want to be able to be able to see these things. And as you get good at this, what’s gonna happen is you’re actually going to develop images of you actually living this life in the back of your mind. And this is where the beauty comes in right here. Try not to forget this. The more you can develop a picture yourself, almost like you watching your own home video in the future, the more that you can develop this image, this video playing back over and over again of you living in the future of where it is it, you know, the place that you wanna live, the cars that you want to drive, the type of career that you want to have, the type of family environment, the type of trips you want to go on, the type of health you want to, you have for your family and so on.

The more that you can vividly picture yourself living this life in the future, the more it’s going to be even easier for you to attract this in your life. So try to develop this in the back of your mind through these visual images and start to, you know, at the end of the day, you know, as you’re, as you’re winding down, try to really develop that, that movie, play it back over and over in the back of your mind. Nonstop, nonstop, nonstop. So let’s recap really quickly. Number one, we make that decision, right? You know what you want. Number two, you wrote down exactly where you want to go. Your three goals on a goal card, you have your little mantra in the back, it’s kind of reminding you, it’s keeping you uplifted as if you’re already there. Number three, you wrote down the required action.

That all the steps you need to take to get to goal number one, goal number two, goal number three. Goal number four is visual imaging. You know, creating that vision board, creating these enhanced pictures of you already achieving that, being inspired and creating these images so that you can create your own image of your life into that, that circumstance, that life that you wanna live in the future. And key number five, which is going to require you to, to really think deeply here. Number five, I want you to sit down and write a future letter to yourself. What I mean by this is I want you to write down as if it’s, you know, it’s 2020 right now. And I want you to write as if it’s five to 10 years in the future, whatever, whatever year that you have set of you having this life that you’re trying to set up.

I want you to write in future letter to yourself. A letter as if you already had it. And what this is going to do for yourself is you’re going to describe in detail, you are gonna say, you know, hello, this is this is Kendal Netmaker 5 years in the future. I’m super proud of myself. You know, we’re, we have all this and we, we able to impact millions of people around the planet. We be able to create these online trainings. We’re able to go to all these different events, we’re able to publish all these books and so on, right? And I want you to really think about the things that you really wanted to achieve with your life now until the, the date that you’re trying to achieve all this, whether it’s the five, 10 years and so on. Write this letter. How’s your family life?

How’s your home life? How many kids do you have? How’s your, how’s your spouse, your husband, your wife, and so on. What type of home do you live in? Where do you live? How’s your health? Are you able to write to run that half marathon that you always want to run? You know, think about all the things that you’ve, you’ve always wanted to achieve. I want you to write in detail as if you already have this, you’re gonna write a future letter to yourself, congratulating yourself, being proud of yourself as if it’s already happened, as if you’re living this life already. So that’s key number five. And that’s my friends are the five keys to shift your mindset recap. Number one, you made that decision, you know where you want to go. Number two is you have created this goal card of all the goals that you’re trying to achieve in the next five, 10 years, over the next 12 months, even.

Number three, you have the required action if the steps you need to take to get to those goals on your goal card. Number four, visual imaging. You have the visual imaging, the vision board of all the things that you’re trying to achieve into your life. Number five, you need to create this future letter to yourself as if you’ve already achieved all this. And that, my friends are the five keys to shift your mindset and to live the life that you were meant to live. These keys right here that I share with you today took me from a kid growing up in poverty on my first Nations single parented to becoming one of cannabis top 40 under 40 four-time Entrepreneur of the year. And so focused on helping you to become who you were born to be. You know, as you grow yourself, as you’re applying these different steps into your life, what you’re gonna notice is you’re gonna start thinking more positive.

You’re going to start thinking more optimistic of the future. You’re gonna start attracting more positive people into your life. And as you’re growing this life that you’re trying to lead for the future, I really want you to focus on keeping that foundation solid. Because the true test is how do you keep this going for the long run? You know, so many times when I was doing this, when I first get started, I would crumble because I, my foundation was not set. I was so not ready to keep this momentum going. So what I mean by that is you need to start really protecting your confidence. You need to protect the information that you’re learning, protect the, the people around you, the people that really have your back, keeping them close. Because there’s gonna be a lot of people out there who are gonna be naysayers, negative people, gossipers and so on, who, who won’t have your back, but they’ll wanna see you feel.

So the goal here is to keep everything as positive as possible. There’s people around you to try to find mentors along the way to try and find people who are uplifting that inspire you to listen to more podcast, download more audio programs on your iPhone, on your Android, and so on. These simple things that I do every single day. I’m always listening, I’m always plugged into something, I’m always plugged into another audio program. some people listen to podcasts, you know, whatever works for you. If you need to read books, whatever works for your learning environment, do that. ’cause that is a huge key to keeping your mindset focused on the future. Especially if you’re alone a lot like me. You’re always on the road, you’re always at different events and so on. You need to protect your mindset. It as it’s super important that you do this because in, when you’re on the go, you should always be plugged into sudden positive because it’s so easy on the road, you know, to to, to get around different types of environments, negative people.

So what I do to, to kind of, you know, hack this, is I actually have these noise canceling headphones. So I’m always plugged into some positive. And, you know, if someone’s saying something negative around the airport, I don’t really hear it. ’cause I’m focused on what I’m trying to achieve. I’m focused into the messaging that I’m listening on my iPhone, on my, my audio programs and so on. So this is the type of stuff I’m gonna share with you here today. And I really hope that you’ve been able to take some of these strategies and apply them with your life, your business, your career, your family life, and so on, so that you can really live the life that you are meant to live. Because when you live the life that you are meant to live, you start attracting that stuff that you really deserve to attract in your life.

You know what happens? Your home life gets better, your relationships get better, whether you’re married, whether you have a spouse and so on. Your kids start to feel better. They start to to be more comfortable around you. Your workplace gets better, your employees get better, everything gets better, your life gets better, your business, your career, and so on. The more you work on yourself, the more you shift your mindset and the more positive, more abundance, more attracting what it is that you wanna live with your life, the better this world becomes. And you know what happens, the more prosperous times ahead from this moment right here after making this decision onward. So ladies and gentlemen, I really hope you enjoy this recording. Thank you so much for tuning in and keep shifting your mindset. Stay focused, stay hungry, keep going, keep growing, and keep moving forward.


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