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Problems: What is This Trying to Teach Me Right Now?


We get stuck in a one moment that we don’t know how we’re gonna get out of it.

As a kid, my Kookum used to say, “You’re chosen. Each and every one of you are chosen to be here at this specific time.”

In our culture, I wanna share with you that there’s no coincidences.

It’s all on purpose.

Everything that’s happened happened for a reason.

You are where you are right now because it’s a part of your lifeline.

And I used to have questions as a kid, I used to ask my Kookum, used to like,

What do you mean by this?

What do you mean lifeline?

What do you mean this road of life?

And she used to visualize this.

She’d be like:
Imagine you’re standing right here, and right in front of you is this long road for as far as your eyes can see.

This is a very power visual exercise if you do this at home.

When you close your eyes, you look in front of you, and this long road as far as you can see.

This road could be whatever you wanna see. For me, it’s a long gravel road ‘cause that was the roads I was raised in on the res, we never had paved roads.

And these long road that as far as I could see, she used to say:
That first day, that’s when you’re put here. That first day is when you were put here as a human being. And as a human being, you didn’t know how to do anything. You had to be taught certain things; how to speak, how to learn to read, to write, your habits of the world.

And then she used to say that first little step you’re starting to crawl, you’re stumbling, you’re going off your course, you’re coming back to the road, you’re going into the ditch, you’re going off course, you’re coming back.

Then you learn to stand up, and you stumble, you fall.

You stand up again, you stumble, you fall. You start to learn how to take a few steps, you stumble, you fall.

You start learn how to walk, you stumble, you fall.

You start to learn how to run, you stumble, you fall. And soon enough you know how to walk, run through life.

And then she would say:
There’s gonna be times in your life people will come into your life. People like coaches, mentors, who are gonna give you blessings of encouragement to keep going, to persevere regardless of how difficult life becomes.

And she also said:
You’re gonna have people that will come into your life that are meant to bring something out of you. And sometimes it’s gonna be very difficult when you meet these people. They’re gonna come in the form of sometimes very negative people. They could be very toxic. People who don’t mean the best for you. It’s people who don’t know how to communicate, so they outpour a lot of anger, resentment, sadness onto you. Could be a client, could be a friend, could be a coworker. And these people that come into your life are meant to teach you something about yourself.

So often when people come into our life or there’s an obstacle in our life, all we do is we focus on the problem.

And she said:
Imagine if more people were able to take a step back. It’s almost like having an out-of body experience. You take a step back and you see what’s happening right here. And you ask yourself, what is this trying to teach me right now?

And I used to be like, “What do you mean what is this trying to teach me right now?”

And she would say:
Everything that’s bad. Everything that’s a challenge, there’s always a blessing for its occurrence. But so few people go searching for it, so they don’t ever find the blessing. They become the problem, they stay the problem, and they waste a lot of time in the problem. But if you’re able to take a step back the next time a challenge, an obstacle comes into your path, your lifeline, and you ask yourself, what is this trying to teach me right now, you’ll find it. You’ll learn to embrace them as a positive occurrence in your life rather than a negative thing happening into your life.

The Out-of-Body Experience:

Imagine having an out-of-body experience where you detach yourself from the immediate emotions and reactions tied to a challenging situation. By taking a step back, you gain a broader perspective, allowing you to see the bigger picture. This is the first step towards understanding that challenges are not just obstacles but potential catalysts for personal development.

The Search for Blessings:

In the midst of difficulties, it might seem absurd to search for blessings. However, the wisdom lies in acknowledging that every challenge, every setback, carries a hidden lesson or opportunity. Instead of becoming consumed by the problem, make it a habit to actively seek the positive aspects and lessons it offers. This proactive approach can lead to profound personal growth.

Shifting from Problem to Solution:

It’s common to get stuck in the problem, perpetuating a cycle of negativity. By reframing our perspective and asking ourselves, “What is this trying to teach me right now?” we shift from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution. Challenges then become stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

Embracing Challenges as Positive Occurrences:

The key to unlocking the blessings within challenges is learning to embrace them as positive occurrences in our lives. This mindset shift requires acknowledging that adversity is not an unfortunate event but an essential element of personal evolution. Embracing challenges allows us to develop resilience and cultivate a positive outlook even in the face of difficulties.

Time Management and Energy Conservation:

Focusing too much on problems can be a time-consuming and energy-draining endeavor. By adopting the mindset of seeking lessons and blessings, we conserve our energy for productive endeavors. This doesn’t mean ignoring the challenges; instead, it encourages a strategic and constructive approach to problem-solving.

Breaking the Cycle of Victimhood:

People who constantly see themselves as victims of circumstances often fail to recognize the empowerment that comes with overcoming challenges. By asking, “What is this trying to teach me right now?” we break free from the victimhood mentality. Challenges cease to be oppressive forces and transform into opportunities for personal triumph.

The Art of Gratitude:

Gratitude is a powerful tool in finding blessings within challenges. When faced with difficulties, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned or the strength gained shifts our focus from what went wrong to what went right. Gratitude becomes the bridge that connects challenges to personal growth and fulfillment.


Life’s challenges are inevitable, but our response to them is within our control. By adopting the mindset of seeking blessings in disguise, we transform challenges into opportunities for growth and self-discovery. The next time adversity strikes, take a step back, ask yourself, “What is this trying to teach me right now?” and embark on a journey of embracing life’s challenges as positive occurrences. In doing so, you’ll not only navigate through obstacles with resilience but also uncover the hidden blessings that make the journey worthwhile.



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